Sunday, April 9, 2017

March 2017

March... was filled with about 5 dance performances + two competitions.
(I'll save that all for one post though!)
 Other than dance stuff, apparently we just didn't do much in March.
Or possibly I just didn't take pictures??!!

Cheer came to an end for Saige.
She had her banquet.

So grateful for the chance she had to cheer for SV these last two year.
Super great memories!

That same week golf started up for her.
What a cute little golfer she is.
She's playing varsity this year and isn't loving playing 18 holes.  9 suits her better she says. ;)

Shane spent another week at the Tucson Temple.

Tayler, Saige, Paige and I drove down to SLC to see Saige's friend Marissa showing her swimsuits at Utah Fashion Week.  What a fun night!

The weather was pretty gorgeous for a while.  I worked in the yard (cleaning everything out that I should have last fall) for an entire week!  Perfect yard working weather in my opinion!

And outdoor book reading weather. ;)

Jadyn had her DARE graduation.

Sometimes we cuddle up and watch movies like this.

Speaking of movies I took the girls to Beauty and the Beast (with Lisa and Kayla) and we all LOVED it!!

I cut up 20 of Tayler's shirts to make a quilt for her.

Currently it is being "quilted" and I am SOOOO excited to see it finished!!

Tayler and her friends flew to San Francisco for Spring Break.
They had a fabulous time!

Spring Break 2017 from Tayler Falslev on Vimeo.

That's three months in a row of being in California for this girl!
Oh, and these two kinda like each other, I think he's sticking around. ;)

The 3 youngest had a piano recital and other than that....  ???

I guess March was the most relaxing month we've had in a while!!
No wonder I thought it was such an awesome month!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

February 2017

February looked like this...

Lydia had more Chinese New Years celebrations.

She loves that she and her daddy have their own "language".  She absolutely loves it when someone says, "What are you guys talking about???"

Saige cheered at, and we attended a LOT of Sky View Basketball games for girls and boys.


Lydia and Jadyn rode the bus down with me to chaperone for a state play-off game for the girls in SL.

They won that game, but lost in the semi-finals later that week.
That was super sad. :(

Maybe not as sad as getting out in the first round for the boys who should have made it much further than that!

But what a great season they both had!!

My parents came down with us to that game @ the U.
And took us to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for dinner after.
Delicious. And totally too fancy for us.
Apparently it was Saige's birthday. ;)

There was Sweethearts Dance for Saige.

Valentine (Sunday) Family pics on a super cold day. :)

Our annual Valentine Fondue night is always a win.

Lydia was pretty pumped that she made jello.

Cute Valentine hair for these two.

Valentine class parties.

Valentine donuts.

Valentine humor...

Plenty of ski opportunities this super snowy winter.

Jadyn's school ski day @ Beaver. 
Shane is awesome at making it to those for all the girls.

Kenna's school ski day @ Beaver.

Jadyn and Kenna went skiing @ Cherry Peak with the Jacksons.

The Stake Ski Night @ Cherry Peak.

And the ward ski night @ Beaver.

A lunch date with these cuties on a day off school
And I think Lydia is flipping me off.... ;)
(And quite pleased about it! ;))

Dance Performances started.
Lots and lots of dance performances!!

Aggie Basketball Games.

We're getting used to our new ward.
It's still a big change, but great people and amazing leaders/teachers for our girls!

Lots of family time... eating yummy treats.

Lydia went to this party and had a great time...
But I've seen her more excited about a party before.  hahahaha

Tayler spent a long weekend in San Diego with Jaden's family.

Shane took the 3 oldest to top golf in Murray.
They LOVED it!

February was good to us, But I was ready for spring!!