Saturday, March 11, 2017

January 2017

January was cold.
January was snowy!

So snowy that there was a late school start day + three snow days.
That's unheard of!

And every time there was a big snow storm, Shane was out of town.
He spent two different weeks at the Tucson Temple. 
I'm super grateful for good neighbors who came to my rescue because there was A LOT of snow!
Of course he kept saying that he wished he was home and not in Tucson...
I don't know if that was entirely true. ;)
Although I must admit that all that white was beautiful and pretty exciting!

Lots of Sky View Games to watch Saige cheer at.

Lydia loves taking pictures for me and shows me whenever she gets a great candid shot of her big sister!

Lots of people to help cheer her on.

A daddy-daughter date for these two.
North Park's square dance night!

Shane went with Lydia on her field trip to Hardware Ranch.

We celebrated what would have been Grandma Floris's 100th birthday with a waffle party in her honor.

 Lydia had a Chinese New Year Performance.

Our little Chinese girl.

When we add in our Disneyland trip.
January was pretty great!

Calm, peaceful and not nearly as busy as other months.
I love January when I get to be all cozy indoors! ;)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Disneyland Part 2

The second day at Disney was just as great as the first.
But the sun was shining!
That made it extra nice.
More crowded... but still the happiest place on earth!

We were there before the park opened at 9 am.
And some of us made it til the clock struck midnight and they kicked us out.

We speed walked... cuz there's a "no running at Disneyland rule" (haha) to Peter Pan and got right on.
A perfect start to a perfect day!

I love that look in Lydi and Jadyn's eyes when they see Princesses.
So magical!

Jayne was an angel baby, what a cute little thing she is!

Lydia is holding Tinkerbell!

Gosh I adore these girls!

Treats at Disneyland just taste better...

 Mickey beignets at New Orleans Square.

Tay's favorite... the Matterhorn macaroon.

Mickey Pretzels

Dole whip from the Tiki Juice Bar

I'd fly back now just for the food! ;)

Disneyland is always more fun with the Astle's!

Have you ever wondered what would get you kicked out of Disneyland?
Well see that choking gesture Tayler is making on Saige.
That gets you kicked out of the park.
We were told that a "watch" had been placed on them and if that happens again it is cause for expulsion...
We have such rebel children.

This gets you kicked out of the park too. ;)
 (Joe and Lisa have a rebel child too!))

And Jadyn didn't like this ride anymore than she did on our last visit to Disneyland.

She wasn't really scared.  Just mad that we made her go.
And possibly the most ticked that her little sister was sitting behind her telling her to chill out.
(insert laughing crying face here ;))

Saige told them all to fall asleep...
I guess she wanted to be the only one awake for a change. ;)

We went on big thunder railroad about 6 times.
What does Shane mean when he says, "there aren't any good rides at Disneyland."

The classic Cheshire cat/Shane picture that we get every visit to Disneyland.
You can't say there isn't a resemblance. ;)

I think this picture is Lydia's "we've been here for 13.5 hours and I don't want another picture face."
And possibly Shane's face is saying that too...


So we sent those two home and the five of us stayed til the end. :)
We didn't have much left that we wanted to do, so we went on a few rides, then wandered around looking for more treats, and browsing main street.

It was a totally magical day!!

The next day was a free day.
The kids swam in the pool, we went mini-golfing, met up with some of the Astle's friends for lunch and relaxed.
We did make it back to Downtown Disney for some more treats that night.

Mickey bars in honor of Grandma Kathie...  they are her favorite.
Although she was on the Disney Cruise at the time and getting them everyday so she wasn't even jealous of us!. haha

And churros that weren't all that great.
NOT the same churros as in the park if anyone is wondering!

The next morning we packed up and headed to church.
Which ended up being the Samoan branch.
We didn't understand most of it.
But it was ward conference so we were told there was more English than usual. ;)

Then sadly we had to catch our flight back to the frozen tundra called Utah.

The next day was Human Rights Day = No School.
So we spent the day doing a puzzle of what else?

We had such a great time, made so many awesome memories and...
 MOST of us have been ready to go back for a month!!