Thursday, February 23, 2017

Disneyland January 17 - Part 1

We were all pretty excited for our trip to Disneyland.
We had the countdown going... 

We got all packed up.
Sang Happy Birthday to Shane.
And we were off.

Doing just what Shane wanted to do on his 45th Birthday!!!!
Thanks for being a good sport Shane.
We still can't believe that he doesn't like Disneyland.
It's like not liking chocolate... or new shoes... or a beautiful sunset on a gorgeous summer night.
How can one not like those things????!!!!

Only 70,000 sky miles plus $77 total for all 7 of us.
Our flight was an absolute steal!!

(Side note: every time we fly into Long Beach I remember why it's my favorite airport.  Small, easy and laid back!) 

We did some "driving around" (haha) before getting to Garden Grove where our "hotel" was.
We had told the girls we were staying at the Embassy Suites.
Secretly Lisa and I had booked a house with a swimming pool.
Lisa wanted to surprise them with it.
And then surprise Josh and Kayla when they got there a few hours later.

So we pull up to this house and tell the girls that we, "have to pick up a stroller from the Astle's friends... for Jayne."  The girls were pretty confused when no one answered and Shane starts entering a code into the lock box on the door... 

It ended up being a perfect spot for all of us, with plenty of room +  walking distance to Disney.

We unpacked and took Shane for a birthday dinner to, "The Boiling Crab."
That was a good find!  Totally delicious!

Some of our girls that aren't shrimp lovers enjoyed their plain old lame chicken strips.
But the three of us were in heaven.

Then back to the house to wait for the Astle's to arrive.
They too thought that they were stopping at friends of their California friends house to pick up a stroller.  Josh was more than confused when Lydia opened the door!:)

A little swimming and present opening for Shane ended out our first day in Cali.

The next morning we were PUMPED!!
 California Adventure here we come!!

The weather, well it was...

Very, very wet and pretty darn chilly.
Low 50's all day.

We were almost the first in line for our day @ California Adventure.
 We wore our rain gear ALL day.
And were grateful we had it!
 Our feet were all SOAKED before we even got into the park, like ring out your socks soaked.
I didn't think about bringing rain boots!
But I wish I had. :)

But our day at Disneyland was AWESOME, even with the rain!
The lines were short... and our excitement level was high.
And walking right on rides at Disneyland makes everything better!

Now the two "Grumpy's" (Shane and Joe) might describe the day differently than I just did...
But I'm the one writing this, so I'm using the word AWESOME!! ;) 

Saige's hair! hahahahaha 
Hardly wet at all! ;)

All these pictures...
they were taken by Tayler.
I didn't pull my camera out ONCE the entire trip.
And that was a pretty great change!
Thanks Tayler + lots of phone pics from others!

The longest line we waited at was to be seated at the Cove Bar.

The lobster nachos are absolutely DELICIOUS!
Delicious enough that they MIGHT even get Shane to bring us back to Disneyland... so he can stop for lunch there! ;););)

Our family MAY have had more than our fair share of Ghirardelli sample chocolates... ;)

Besides Tayler's pictures we also did the Photo Pass + again.
I wouldn't say that it wasn't worth it because I think it is.
But not as great in the rain since they don't take their cameras outside!

One of the benefits of buying the pass is getting all the ride pictures.
And some of them are pretty funny!

"Act like the little one is driving..."

It was an amazing day.
Rain, soaked feet and all.
Definitely a day to never forget!!

That was a LOT of pictures, so I'll save Disneyland for another post. ;)