Monday, January 30, 2017

Lydia's 7th Birthday

This year I did better with Lydia's party.
We got the invites out before Christmas.
But I still wasn't in the mood for a party so close to Christmas!  haha

But Lydia was, so I was excited because of her excitement!

She decided on a donut party.

And invited 22 to of her closest friends... ;)

She was pretty pumped to be 7!
Plus pumped to have a day all about her.
(Let's be real, most days are about Lydia... she's the baby.)
The Astle's had given her a book and outfit for our elf Simon... 
(who had just made it back to the North Pole!) 
But apparently he comes back for birthdays if he's invited!!
He decorated this chair up all fancy for her and hung out in her room for the day.
You can bet she LOVED that!!

She was the "Princess" all day.

Only 16 of the 22 friends came to her party.
That was enough... 

A little "Duck, Duck, Goose" switched to "Donut, Donut, Sprinkles".

Donut eating on a string.

Some other games.
And then more donuts.
We sugared those kids right up!

And then sent them out the door with more donuts...
Donut holes to be exact.
"Thanks a "hole" bunch for coming to my party."

She was ecstatic... I was exhausted.
She picked Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner...
because we needed some more dessert items like this.

Then home for cake and ice cream with family and big friends.

She was one happy and stinkin' adorable  little seven-year old!

We love you Lydia and I'm begging you to stop growing up so fast!!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Christmas 2016

Christmas Eve...
What a great day!

Not many in town this year... sure glad Jeff & Steve live close!

This year Tayler brought Jaden, then they went to his grandparents for dinner. :)

Cute cousins.

Grandpa Falslev joined us too.

The annual chimes, we're pretty professional now.
We even play 3 chord songs. :)

The nativity.
Lydia and Jadyn picked these two to be Mary and Joseph. haha

And Saige made the best manger of all time... for our rather "over-sized" baby Jesus.

Later that night when we all opened our new pjs.

Then the five girls had the sleepover in Tayler's room that Jadyn has been talking about for weeks!!
I think it is actually her favorite tradition of Christmas. haha

The next morning was the big day...

They were pretty excited to see their loot.

And how about this for proof that Santa came?
He texted this picture to Jadyn & Lydia!
That's Santa... in our house!

Having Christmas fall on a Sunday is definitely my favorite.
And waking up to a super snowy Christmas?  Dreamy.

It was also the last week in the 5th ward so that was sad.
So many that we will miss! 
But looking forward to making more friends in the new Elk Ridge Ward.

Home from church to open presents.
 (a billion picture of that haha)

Our main present came in the form of a scavenger hunt.

And to say they were excited about the end result would be an understatement!

A trip to Disneyland on January 11th!

Shane informed us last year that he hates Disneyland.
He thinks it's a waste of money.
He doesn't think there are any good rides.
He likes Lagoon better...

So fitting that we are leaving on his birthday don't you think?

(and no this was not a surprise for Shane, he agreed to it first!)
After calming down a bit we were off for dinner and more presents @ my parents.

Then home for another dinner and presents with the Astle's.
Josh and Kayla were in for a big surprise when they found out that we were all going to Disneyland together.
I think Kayla was as excited to find that out as my girls were about going to Disneyland!!

Lisa surprised us all with matching pj's

Shane and Joe have the bah hum bug role down.

Christmas 2016 was amazing.
I loved giving this year.
And I especially loved seeing how excited our girls were to give to each other.
That's the true spirit of Christmas!