Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Engagement Pictures

It's a shame that these two can't take a good picture.

They had their engagements done last month and got back 220 pictures...
and there's not one bad one in the bunch.

August 11th will be here before we know it!!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Saige's Graduation

Saige graduated from High School.
I'm still in denial.

But she is a Class of...

Sky View alum now.

We couldn't have been more blessed than to have this girl as our daughter.
She's been a teenage dream.

We Love You Saige!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

May 2017

May is always busy with end of the school year stuff,
but add in Saige graduating + planning Tay's wedding...
And it was an EXTRA busy May.
But EXTRA fun too!!

There was the end of soccer season for Lydia.

And the end of the soccer season for Jadyn.

There was a heated Sunday afternoon soccer games at our house. ;)

Saige had her region golf match 

Then her state match.
We were so proud of her for making it to state this year,
she didn't have her best round that day,
but she still did awesome.

Lisa came with me down to Fruit Heights to watch her for the full 18 holes. 
Such a great day on the course!!

Her cute SV golf team.

We went shopping for Tayler's Wedding Dress.
It took a full Saturday and another evening + another drive down to Salt Lake to pick it up.
Gosh she's going to make a gorgeous bride! {tear,tear}

There was Seminary Graduation for Saige.

Her introduction into Relief Society.

That feels weird.

Kenna swept the awards at  Spring Creek's Awards Assmebly.
 She still has a perfect 4.0.
What a great girl.

With a great group of friends.

Saige went to Davis High's Junior Prom at the State Capital with Spencer Thompson.
Spencer is Ken Thompson's son. We live in his mom's ward and she set these two up. haha
Such a nice guy.

Saige stole Lydia from school one day for a picnic of... donuts I guess. ;)

She had her scholarship night.

Where she was awarded $2400 Academic, $1000 Leadership and a $250 Alumni Scholarships to Utah State.
Full tuition to Snow. (which she declined)
and the $500 Booster Club Scholarship from Sky View.

She also had an awards assembly that she forgot to invite me to.

She probably would have if she had known she was receiving this award.

There aren't many greater high school accomplishments that you can have than being voted by your teachers and administrators for the Citizenship Award.

This award is presented to one boy and one girl who showed leadership, character, kindness and service both in the school and in the community.

Congrats Saige!! We love you for all that you are!! {kiss, kiss}

She had her Senior Lagoon Day.

Sky View's "Senior Sunset"

and "Passing of the Torch"

Tayler had her last night with her roommates... and then moved home.

I LOVE it!  Not sure if she does but I'm cherishing the next (less than) two months with her in our house!

We visited Saige almost daily while she worked at Aloha Snow this month.

Tayler and Jaden rode over to visit her on her first day @ Zipz in Bear Lake too.

May was busy, May was awesome.
We're all ready for summer to start!!