Monday, July 25, 2016

June 2016

June started out with Saige's 17th birthday on the 2nd.
Breakfast @ Herm's and end of school parties pretty much the rest of the day.

A pretty boring birthday... with present opening and cake at 11:30 PM.

We did surprise her the next morning with breakfast and a few friends though.

Baby Jayne Astle was born.
What a little cutie!
 The girls are obsessed with her.
Congrats Josh and Kayla!

Jadyn knitted the hat and sleeping bag all by herself.
She was pretty excited to give it to her!

There were LOTS of visiting Saige for shave ice

There was two weeks of swimming lessons.

Family date nights

Saige's Cheer Camp @ USU

Youth Conference for Saige.
This is Saige getting ready to introduce Sister Dibbs. :)

There also was girls camp.
(I'm still waiting for pictures from that!)

Father's Day

And family walks

Going to the Finding Dory movie.

Lagoon for a few of the girls (while I took Jadyn to Shriners for her scoliosis appointment.)

We love Summer at our house!!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Dance Review 2016...

About every other post seems to be about dance...
but then about every day (besides Sunday) for 10 months out of the year is filled with dance so, I guess it makes sense that I post about dance a lot. hahaha

The Tueller Review was June 10th-12th.
This was the first year in the history of FOREVER that I wasn't able to be there for the dress rehearsal. 
Shane and I were dealing with an exhausting, stressful, emotional legal issue that morning.

So I was super grateful that Tayler offered to take work off to watch Lydi and go film for me.

Lydia was ecstatic about it. ;)

The Sunday before the review is a dreaded day for me.
It's our picture day.
It takes HOURS.
Pictures in every costume, then the changing and more pictures.
It takes forever.
I so miss watching Tay dancing this year, but I did NOT mind the help of another camera! :)





Pretty darling sisters if I do say so myself.

I love watching my girls perform.

Grateful for everything that my girls learn from dance and being a part of a team from these two.

Grateful for so many that support our girls in what they love.

And we all love that three nights of reviews means three nights of desserts after. :)

I love all things dance.
But I also LOVE when the review is over.
It means that summer starts FOR REAL!