Friday, April 22, 2016

March 2016

March Ramblings...

We made it home from the cruise just in time for Saige's cheer banquet.

She had a super fun year!

Then just like that, there were those stressful tryouts a couple weeks later.
I can't believe this is the 4th year in a row we have done this!

There were the initial tryouts, then her cute poster...

Tryouts in front of the school and then the installation assembly.  
In the end... this is SV's new cheer squad for 2015-2016.

I think it is going to be a great Senior year for Saige.
She's excited!  + excited that she was chosen as Captain.
Looking forward to watching her for another year, 
but not looking forward to her graduating next year! :(

Shane took these cute little cowgirls to the square dance night @ Greenville.

They love their daddy/daughter time.

Like Build-and-grow @ Lowe's on Saturday mornings.

Shane had it rough this month.
4 days after getting home from the Caribbean.
He HAD to go to Tahiti for a week.

Obviously I know that he is there busting his butt working...
But it's not that bad of a view. ;)

And he had time for some fun on this trip, so that was good.
(According to this picture... the waterfall spray was pretty chilly!. ;))

A few days in the Gila Valley Arizona Temple after Tahiti.

He didn't spend much of March at home. hahaha

Saige looks tropical here.
But the Ward Luau with the Seniors in the ward was as tropical as she got. ;)

I still love having this little buddy home with me in the mornings.
I'm going to miss her next year when she's off at school all day! :(

I don't say no to her very often.
But really how can I say no to a face like that???

I love her snaps.  And Shane and I both loved getting cute snaps while we were on the cruise like these...

We especially got a chuckle out of this one.
March 1st... approx. 35 degrees... totally time for night games! :)

There was Dr. Seuss's Birthday to celebrate.

St. Patrick's Day

And my favorite... Easter.

With lots of Easter fun.

This is Aunt Judy, but Aunt Ronda... who throws the Easter egg hunt of the century. 
(actually it's not much of a "hunt".  More like the lawn is COVERED in them, so every step you have one... or 10. ).
...should really cut back.  Cuz this is just too many eggs for only Jadyn and Judy's grandson!  hahahahahaha  

Thanks Ronda, the kids love it + you!

Easter Egg Dyeing...

Easter bunny visits...
(and super great morning hair. ;))

A beautiful Easter Sunday...

Kenna spoke in sacrament and did an amazing job!
We were so proud of her!
Saige left with her friend Marissa and her family for an extreme week of camping/hiking/exploring in Southern Utah this morning.
We missed her that week! :(

Easter Cousin fun that afternoon.

 A beautiful Easter!

The day before we spent a fabulous Saturday at Lagoon.
For Christmas we all got season tickets.
It wasn't particularly warm... but we sure had a fun time for a couple of hours on their opening day + our first day of Spring Break.

It was a fun day!
Linner @ Zuppa's (Not a typo. :)  In our house Linner means late lunch/early dinner.) 

Then off to the Conference Center for a fabulous Women's Conference with these cute girls, while
Lydia and Shane explored at City Creek and the visitor's center.

I LOVE family days like this one!!!

March was a great month!