Tuesday, March 29, 2016

February 2016

February was filled with a LOT of basketball games.
Sky View girls and boys games... USU basketball games...
We made it to as many as we could to watch our cute Saige.

Lydia hasn't missed a pep-rally with me for the past three years.
She's a Bobcat through and through...
And she is certain she will NOT want to be a Green Canyon Wolf.  ;)
Check back in a few years, pretty sure she'll change her mind!

There was Valentine's Day...
So glad {most} of my girls like pictures as much as me because it was a cold snowy day. haha

President's Day made for a perfect opportunity to spend the day together.

First a stop at Krispy Kreme.

Then tubing at Soldier Hollow in Midway.
Two thumbs up from our whole family for this event!

Then a visit to the Midway Ice Castles.

A pretty great day together!

There were fun YW's activities throughout the month.
Pretty cool that I get to be Kenna's advisor. :)

There was that not so great moment when Shane and I were driving home from dinner and he hit a deer... in front of Lowe's.


Sad. :(

But then there were better moments like getting cute little messages left for me by Lydia.

and the start of dance performances.

There was parent day at Orchestra for Jadyn.

And a donut runs to Lee's.
Jadyn LOVES donuts she could probably live on donuts.
For real...

There was Jadyn's school ski day.

And another day Shane checked Kenna and Jadyn out of school for a 1/2 day of skiing at Cherry Peak. 

They LOVED it.

We finished off February by heading out on a cruise and leaving our 5 girls to fend for themselves for 8 days.

But that can be another post. :)