Thursday, February 11, 2016

January 2016...

January looked like this...

Mainly watching Saige cheer for Sky View according to my January pictures!

Shane celebrated birthday #44!

And there was Jadyn's school ski day.
She was SUPER excited that he made it back from Africa the day before so he could go with her!
They're best buddies.

Of course Saige looked awfully gorgeous at Sweethearts with Tate Thornton.
They had a great time!

Lots of snow fun...

and dinner dates.

Tay spent a week in St. George with 15 of her best high school buddies.
(Before a couple more boys headed out on their missions.)

January was cold...
I'd be happy just hunkering down in the house for the whole month.
Cuz from the window... it was beautiful!

There was more in January...
Like Shane being in Ghana Africa for 11 days and another few days in Newport Beach CA.

Unfortunately Shane had a pretty crummy weekend last week.
It started with finding his MP3 player still in his jeans... after the washer + dryer.  It's dead.

Then there was the smashing of our van by a rogue deer on 14th north in front of Lee's.
That was scary... grateful we were fine and it wasn't worse!

16 hours later... he almost hit ANOTHER DEER on 8th east this time in his truck.
He says he missed it by an inch...

We had to put new tires on Tayler's car that day.

Shane needed repairs on his truck.

Then to top it all off he dropped his phone.  It's dead.

So I wish I could put his Africa pictures on, but then Shane wishes he had a phone... :)
When he gets a new one and we recover the pictures I'll post them. hahaha

We're glad that weekend is over!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Lydia's 6th Birthday...

Lydia is 6.
I don't like that.

I  feel like she should still be about 4 and according to her older sisters I baby her.
I tell them they'll just have to deal with it... 

She stayed up til' midnight so we could sing happy birthday to her. hahahaha

The morning started out with one of her sister's making her breakfast.

Then she had a friend party @ the Fun Park with all her cute little friends.


Then they went bowling.
Which isn't that easy with this many, at this age.
But I'm pretty sure they all had fun.

We took her to Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner... since that's her favorite.

Then a family party.

We sure do love our little Lydia!
She is smart, sweet, funny, super entertaining and a huge joy in our family.
We are so blessed to have her!

But here's my unsolicited advice.
If anyone out there is planning when to have a baby, I'd suggest not picking Dec. 29th. hahahaha
The last thing a mom wants to do the day after Christmas... is plan a Birthday Party.
Just sayin'.

So it's a super good thing I adore this little girl!! ;)

Happy 6th Birthday Miss Lydia!!