Friday, October 30, 2015

Sky View Homcoming 2015...

Sky View Homecoming...
feels like FOREVER ago, because that's how behind I am haha
But Saige had a fabulous week!

There was the  Parade...

The PowderPuff Game
Movie on the Field,
Mr. Sky View

+ the Pep Assembly.
Lydia loves that she still gets to come with me to those.
She's a celebrity in the halls of Sky View.
And although she acts shy, she loves the attention! ;)

SV has an AWESOME football team this year.
(Undefeated in the regular season, region champs + State playoffs started today, their moving on to the quarterfinals next week!)

After halftime, the graduated seniors are invited to come back to cheer with this years' team.

Let's just say, getting to cheer again was Tayler's dream!
She was in HEAVEN in her words...
"reliving her favorite high school mem!!"

Super fun to see our cute girls cheering next to each other...

The next day/night was the dance and day date.
Saige and her date Kaylor and all the other couples went on an amazing race scavenger hunt...

Shane was asked to help.
He was "Waldo" and had to hang out at the Smithfield Rec Center.
He sat there watching Jadyn and Kenna's volleyball games +  other random girls games. {creepy}
In all 3.5 hours before all the teams came. hahahaha

He was a good sport!
I would have died of embarrassment...

So glad that Tayler wanted to do Saiges hair & makeup.
She made her feel like a princess for her first dance!

She looked gorgeous!

And had such a fun time!

It was a good week at our house!