Tuesday, September 22, 2015

August 2015...

August was filled with fun.

There was the Cache Valley Fair and Rodeo...

Tayler and her friends even sat by us for that too.

The girls thought it was fun.
Actually Lydia thought it was LOOOOOONG.
And would liked to have gone home after about the second event.
She and Jadyn asked me several times during the roping, "why are they doing that???"
It's a little strange I guess, especially when I think it was the first rodeo they remember going to.
I chuckled inside remembering Tayler's first rodeo at about the age of 3.
She did NOT like the rodeo.
She kept yelling, "quit hurting the cows!" and  "let them go!"
The people sitting by us did NOT think that was funny. hahaha

The next morning was SUPER EXCITING.

The girls had all entered a coloring contest for the Herald Journal to ride the elephants that were going to be at the fair this year.

Lydia and Saige got a call that they had won.

They were supposed to meet the next morning by the elephants to feed, bathe and ride them.

Saige had a date that morning so she wasn't able to make it. :(

So... I had Kenna go in her place, Jadyn actually really wanted to.
And for a girl who is afraid of most small animals that move I thought the idea of being close to elephants might stress her out a bit.  But she was pretty jealous that she was taking videos and not getting to be in there with her sisters!!

I had no idea that they were going to ACTUALLY bathe them!
I'm guessing scrubbing down/power washing an elephant is a once in a lifetime experience!!!!

And feeding an elephant an apple... probably once in a lifetime too!

Riding one was pretty awesome too.
Jadyn was excited that she finally got her chance with this big guy!

The fair animals weren't nearly as exciting after their adventures with the elephants. haha

 I love this picture.
Lydia was more afraid of this lamb than the 2 ton elephant! hahaha

This was pretty cool to wake up to on the front page of the Herald Journal the next morning!

Saige was jealous!
REALLY jealous!
So... she showed up the next morning for the other washing and got to do it too.

The girls had a fun time exploring the fair with their dad.
I'd been with them the two days previously.
Shane arrived home from the Oakland California Temple late the night before, he was pretty excited that he got to spend time with his girls at the fair too.

Later that day we headed to SLC for a REAL Game...
We left a little early so we could make a stop at the Treehouse Museum in Ogden.
There was a, "Miss Bindergarten gets ready for Kindergarten" event.
It was free for families with Kindergarteners.
I should have thought about the fact that 1,000 other Utah families would be going to this "Event".
The girls didn't care though, they had a blast.
 we used to go to the Treehouse Museum all the time when the older ones were little.
I guess this was Lydia's first time though!

Meeting "Miss Bindergarten!"

They would be very serious politicians...

Our next stop was Rio Tinto Stadium.
We purchased discount tickets to a "REAL Game" through Lydia's soccer signups.
We don't know much about the team... actually soccer in general really. haha
But come to find out it wasn't ACTUALLY a REAL game, it was a REAL Monarch's game.
We had a great time though, and didn't even know the difference until we saw in the paper the next morning that REAL had played in Vancouver the night before.  hahahaha

Tayler and Saige went on their first double date together and brought "dates" to the game.
Obviously they drove down seperate. :)
Hope they didn't mind that their parents and sisters were sitting behind them. ;) hahahaha

We had the annual "Girls Weekend".
Which consisted of shopping, shopping and more shopping + a nights stay in SLC and food in between the shopping. :)

Lydia opted to stay home with Shane.  She thought working with her dad + a 4-wheeler ride with Joe and Shane was more exciting than shopping for 2 days.

She'll change her mind soon enough I am sure!

We had a great time together.

They were all happy and ready to head back to school in style after this weekend.

We had our "back-to-school dinner".
This was Tayler's idea and will be probably be a tradition of ours now.
But... it was LATE before everyone got home that night from all their activities.
So we had to rush. :(
And truth... that made me grumpy.

A couple nights before school started we had our "Fashion Show."
That's our time to show dad all our "Girls Weekend" finds.
I think he likes it??
But then it may be one of those moments he wished he had a son...
who didn't care quite so much about fashion and shopping!  hahahaha

The fashion show quickly turned into a "stunting" event. haha

I love these cute girls!

Lydia got invited to this cute party on the "first day of school" for all the older siblings.
They called it their, "I can't wait for Kindergarten party."

Saige is had tons of fun with friends...

and is loving cheering for SVHS!

Kenna has a darling group of friends too.
The night of their first day back to school they all met at the ice arena for some fun together.

We tried to check more things off of our summer bucket list since "summer" was drawing to a close.
So Shane arranged for the girls to ride the Robinson's horses.
They loved it, but apparently all of them liked leading the horse almost as much as riding.

It's becoming more and more common that everyone is off doing something with their friends and we just have Lydia with us.
But she's a pretty cute dinner date. :)

We are loving watching Saige cheer at the Football Games.
Once again Shane is super happy that he has an excuse to attend High School Football Games.
I love me a good football game, but I'm there to watch Saige so it's a win win for both of us.

August was great.
Summer's over. :(
It's turning into sweater weather around here.

Everyone I know seems to LOVE fall.
But me, I wish it was June again because I NEVER look forward to winter coming!