Thursday, August 27, 2015

Going private Sept. 1...

I've thought about it for a super long time.
I post tons of personal information about my sweet family.
And yes, it is quite possible that I watch too many "Criminal Minds" episodes, and I'm certain that "Penelope Garcia" would be able to see my blog even if it's private...  hahahahah
but I'm doing it.

So comment your email if you want me to add you,
or email me at

And really I'll be flattered if someone that I don't know real well wants to follow me.
I just want to know who you are hahahahhaha

So September 1st is the day!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Jadyn's 9th Birthday...

The last of our summer birthdays...

Our sweet Jadyn turned 9.

What a joy she is in our family!

She chose a "bowling party" with her friends.

And was SUPER EXCITED about the bowling pin they gave her that all her cute little friends got to sign. :)

She had a fabulous time!

That night I fixed her favorite meal... Orange chicken.
And sadly I don't remember much more than that.
I was busy packing and preparing to leave our girls home alone, for a whole week.
Shane and I were off on an Alaskan Cruise the next morning to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary.
Jadyn was VERY glad that we were home for her birthday, and so were we!

We love you Jadyn and are so grateful for the sweet, happy little girl that you are!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Maui part 3...

The Road to Hana...
I have mixed feelings about the Road to Hana.
We did it several years ago when just Shane and I visited Maui.
I do feel that it is a "must see".
But maybe a once in a lifetime "must see?".
Alas, the girls needed to experience it, so we did it again.
From leaving our condo to returning... 12 full hours.
It's beautiful, don't get me wrong and there were plenty of stops that we made and dips in the waterfalls, and fun times. 
But it is a LONG day.
On a very narrow, winding, frightening road.
If you were prone to car sickness you'd be car sick! 
On a side note, don't believe what they say about "not taking the back way home."
I was terrified to try it,, But the roads weren't any more difficult than the roads going up. 
We thought the drive was beautiful + it saved us time getting back.

The girls insisted on stopping at a stand and having someone chop open a coconut for us.
Saige decided it was cool to get a pic with a coconut...
but didn't much care for eating the coconut. haha

It was raining pretty hard.
I stepped back too far and water was pouring off the tarp.
Shane and Saige were a little concerned.

Plenty of photo ops along the way.
Little hikes back into swimming holes/waterfalls. 
We all preferred being out of the car more than the drive itself. ;)


Black sand beach

Seven sacred pools

Overall a great day.

But the girls were anxious to get back to a beach the next day. :)

Breakfast at the Gazebo again.

Picking up a souvenir for our family. :)

And we were off for more beach time.

 We rented a glass bottom kayak...


Lydia looks ready to go.
But snorkeling just wasn't her thing yet.

 Jadyn loved it though.

I think the beach is our families "happy place"!

On our way to dinner we found a cute lifeguard station.
I love that my girls love each other.
I don't remember any of them being bugged with each other all week!
(It's been a month maybe I've just forgotten??)

Great tree climbing skills Tay.

This night was our family's "crazy adventure in the rain".
We all had a good laugh.
Being sneaky and such + SOAKED!
We'll probably all remember that night. hahahahahaha

The next day more beach fun.

Sand castle building

A family mermaid contest

There was a moment of grumpiness that I remember now. ;)
Jadyn did NOT want to participate in the "Family Mermaid Contest".
She didn't want to "get sand in her suit".
She didn't want to bury anyone in sand.
She just plain did NOT agree with this family fun.
As I recall Saige voted Tayler/Jadyn's as the winner of the "mermaid contest".
That did NOT make Jadyn feel any better!

What would a week at the beach be without a jumping picture???

Or a mirror pic...

We found penguins...

Swam in more pools that we shouldn't have (shhhhhh) :)

Ate our last delicious meal of the week.

Then that night we said goodbye to Maui with a lantern lighting.

Because the next morning we headed to the airport.
Our week in Maui was...
Super memorable.
I hope our girls remember it forever!