Thursday, July 30, 2015

Maui Part 1...

 Our week in Maui wasn't nearly long enough.
But gosh we packed a lot of fun stuff into that week.

Maui was never our intended vacation choice this summer.
I put in for a timeshare exchange back in January, we decided on, 
"somewhere that we could drive to."
I put in for 4 different weeks + about 40 resorts we were interested in from Colorado to Oregon.
By April we still had heard nothing.
So... I added a few spots that I was sure we wouldn't get.  Costa Rica, Kauii and Maui.
I was VERY surprised one morning when I woke up with an email saying that we were booked in Maui for the 4th of July.
I quickly checked flights and we had enough sky miles for six of us. So... 1 plane fare + $160 for our timeshare exchange and we were planning a vacation to Maui!!

We started our countdown...

(Lydi wrote a note under it.
Can you make it out?)

"I'm going to Hawaii-e-e-e-e
I'm really happy. " :)

And then, we were off!

We unpacked, checked out our resort, and spent the rest of the day exploring Lahaina.

We ate our first delicious meal of many!

Enjoyed a gorgeous Hawaiian Sunset.

Came across a "Hawaiian Seal" on the beach.

On our way to watch...
Fireworks over the ocean.
That was pretty awesome.
And super good timing.
Fireworks in Logan on the 3rd, and Fireworks in Maui on the 4th!


 and this was a perfect ending to our first day in Hawaii!

Day 2 started with church.
I love church in Hawaii.
I had the address of the church we were going to.
I'd done TONS of research for this trip so I knew that the church that we passed near our hotel was NOT the English ward.  But sometimes husbands don't listen and want to check it out anyway.  Sure enough it was a Tongan ward... they offered us translation headsets but we passed and hurried to the other building.
After I got over being grumpy about being late, we enjoyed a very nice meeting. ;)

We checked out the big banyan tree in the center of town.
Amazing how those things grow.

Lydia loved climbing in that tree.
Lydia didn't want to get out of that tree.
Can you tell?? :)

My "Pineapple princess."

The next few days were filled with exploring, going to different beaches everyday, eating delicious food and basically just having a blast!!
We loved all the overpriced little fruit stands around.
Tayler was obsessed with this baby pineapple and those bananas are "apple bananas" they were delicious.

Shane was PUMPED when he found some weird fruit he called a "Dragon Eye".
A "delicious" fruit he used to eat on his mission.
He bought a whole bunch.
We could all tell from the 1st one he popped in his mouth that they weren't "quite" as delicious as he had remembered them.
I mean they weren't bad... they kind of tasted like a cantaloupe to me... and I don't like cantaloupe. 
But then neither does Shane. lol
It was hard for him to admit, but sometimes things get built up in your mind as better than they were when you haven't tried them for 23 years. hahahaha
I think this was one of them.
We all thought that was funny!

 The first couple days in Maui, the waves were huge!  Crashing waves breaking right on shore, I noticed that there was a high surf warning for Maui, by the end of the week they were much more calm.  The kids (that includes Shane) loved it!

Our favorite shave ice place...
well it was actually the only shave ice place we tried.
3 different times. :)

That's probably enough for part one,
and at this rate I'll be needing several "parts"! :)

Monday, July 27, 2015


We spent an AMAZING week in Maui July 4th - 11th.
I have about 1000 pictures to post, but thought I'd start with a video preview put together by Tayler.
This was our first time using our GoPro.
There is a learning curve, but for first timers I think the videos turned out pretty great.
And Tayler's videography skills, I give a hearty thumbs up!!

A memorable week for sure!
Stay tuned for more Maui fun... lots more Maui fun!

Friday, July 24, 2015


For Kenna's birthday Saige and I surprised her with a photo shoot with one of Saige's talented friends, Marissa.
She felt pretty fancy having Saige do her hair and "a little" makeup. :)
pretty little Kenna is growing up...  too fast in our opinion.

Thanks for making her feel so special Saige.
And thanks for the great pictures Marissa, she loves them!
Oh, and Kenna we love you.
6th/7th grade is typically the "awkward stage" but somehow you skipped right over that into the...
GORGEOUS stage!!