Tuesday, June 30, 2015

May 2015...

the busiest month of the year it seems.

Besides Lydia's dance review, Tayler's graduation and everything that goes along with that, soccer, golf, dance etc. etc. etc.
There was...

Lydia's Preschool Graduation.
She's ready for Kindergarten.
I'm not.
But she reads.
Without sounding words out, she just reads.
So I guess keeping her in preschool another year would be selfish. :(

She made cute little friends this year.

And loved having cousin Trey in her class again.


Thanks Tracie and Linda for a great year!

Tayler had her "Senior Send off" for YW's.
Such a great group of beautiful and strong girls to be surrounded with!
And amazing YW leaders who she has learned so much from.

Tayler started working at "Aloha Snow" again.
Back to shave ice on the daily for our family!


Sweet Grandma Falslev passed away.
One of the most humble, kind, selfless women that I know.

Shane's mom... my girls' grandma.
I am so thankful for the amazing legacy that she left.  
9 children, 43 grandchildren and 64 great-grandchildren.

So grateful for the Plan of Salvation and the knowledge that families can be together forever.


There was Sky View's awards assembly.
(Saige being recognized as Sophomore class pres.)

Cheer certificates...

There was Senior Ball with Tristan...
Gosh Tay looked GORGEOUS.


And of course had a fabulous day + night.
They went "surfing" at flowrider in Ogden during the day.
She thought the dinner prepared and presented by the moms' of the boys in her group was the cutest and best ever.

Especially their musical production. haha

There was a Cinco de Mayo dinner at Cafe Sabor with our favorites. :)

Lunch with these 2 cuties after school @ Sam's club.

Mall visits and rides on this moving elephant. haha

A cheer clinic for Saige.

A dinner date for these 3 with Josh & Kayla.
+ JC :)

End of school parties for ALL of them!

And you know 3rd grade was a success when you come home with kisses from your teacher.

Love that Mrs. Morrison... she's been so good for our Jady!

And then...
The countdown to Summer was completed!

May was a great month.
Amazing actually.
But Summer...
summer's where it's at!

Saturday, June 27, 2015


She graduated...
Yikes, Shane and I must be old!

The whole day was surreal for me.
I mean isn't she about 2????

Apparently not... :(

My mom mentioned that graduation will be more enjoyable when we split schools and the class size is smaller.  haha 
Her class of  550 is pretty large.
But it just wasn't a very boring graduation in my opinion.
Partly due to Salem's speech (the valedictorian).
One of Tayler's great friends.
If you watch this... well Tayler is the "pizza girl" and we sure got a good chuckle.
The greatest graduation speech of all time. :)

And this was Tay's reaction during the "pizza girl" part.

That's our little girl... a high school graduate.


The cutest sisters ever!!!


Then pictures with a 100 of her best friends.
Gosh I'm gonna miss having all these good kids at our house.


 Awwww Salem... "besties" since Kindergarten.
(And yes she went on a date with him the next night, he hadn't even asked her before the speech, but how could she turn that down?! hahahaha)


Lydia's  favorites!



And that's a wrap...
she's off to bigger & better.

Love you Tayler!!!