Saturday, May 30, 2015


Lots of fun, lots of rain, lots of soccer time all packed into about 6 weeks. :)

Both Jadyn and Lydia played soccer this year.

Jadyn loved playing this year, her team was the "Rapids".
She loved having Shane as her coach for the second year in a row.
He's a mighty fine coach for those cute girls.


Lydia fell in LOVE with soccer.
Like, I don't think she had ever really kicked a ball before, but now she does that daily and loves it!  She just might be the little sports star in our family.

I must admit that I didn't think it would go that well, especially when she let me know that she really just wanted to sign up for soccer for the treats at the end of the game. :)

Her cute team name... "Silver snowflakes."  :)

There is one problem.  She's cocky...
Like she loves to tell EVERYONE how many goals she scores.
And that they might want to, "be to her next game because she's probably going to score 5 goals."
Or when she told Kimi that, "I'm missing practice to go to dance because we all know I'm pretty good at soccer already."
I totally want her to be confident and know that she is amazing, but maybe not so verbally.
We're working on that... hahaha

Thanks to all our supporters. :)


 But Lydia definitely enjoyed her snacks at the end of each game too. haha :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tayler's Senior Pictures

I still don't know how this is actually happening, but apparently it is.
Tayler is graduating tomorrow, and I'm still in denial!

We've had Seminary Graduation, made her Senior quilt with the ward, had her YW's graduation party, had Senior pictures taken, mailed out the announcements but I just can't wrap my head around that my beautiful daughter is graduating!

I was going to write something new here, but then decided to just add the letter that I read during her YW Senior slideshow, cuz it says just what I feel...

"Tayler when you were born everyone told us that we would blink and you would be graduating.  And here we are!  You were our first little girl, you made us parents.   We experienced all the firsts with you, and as parents we made all the first mistakes with you.  Sorry Tay…  
 But despite all those mistakes  you have turned out pretty stinkin’ amazing.  If I could describe you in one word, it would be Responsible.     I remember when you were about  6,  I got after you for something.  I told you that you were the oldest and you needed to be responsible and that you needed to be the example to your 2 little sisters at the time.  You burst into tears and said, “Mom you tell me things like that ALL the time, and I’ve thought about it… I’m ALWAYS going to be the oldest, which means that I’ll  ALWAYS have to be the responsible one, and I’m ALWAYS going to have to be the example, and I just don’t know if I can ALWAYS be that good.    
Tayler, I want you to know that you have always been that good!  You are the best oldest child that we could have dreamed of, you have always been wise beyond your years, you are the peacemaker in our family,  you dedicate yourself to everything you are involved with, you love your little sisters with a pure love…  which doesn’t mean that their aren’t disagreements from time to time.  But you adore them and they adore and look up to you probably more than you realize.
You have always respected and appreciated us as parents, we have one of those rare teenager/mother relationships, where you tell me ALMOST everything.   And the time that you take to discuss each day with me in full detail is one of my favorite parts of the day.
You are one of my very best friends Tayler.  I’m proud of you for who you have become, and all that you have accomplished, I’m grateful for your desires to do what is right,  and I know that this life has great things in store for my beautiful girl.  I’ll love you forever Tayler!"


You'll always be my little girl Tayler!!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Mother's Day...

 I love Mother's Day.
Why do mother's have to beat themselves up so much?
I'm by NO means a perfect person,
and I'm definitely NOT a perfect mother.
But I try to be a little better each day... and gosh I fall short EVERY.DAY.
But the next day is a new day.
Motherhood is hard...
It's tiring, frustrating, sometimes I feel like my life is not my own, and especially that my social life is not nearly as fun and entertaining as I help to make my children's lifes' be. haha

But there is NOTHING in this world more rewarding.
There is no job that I could ever have that would be more important.
There isn't a greater blessing in my life than my children.

I'm grateful for mother's day because... 
I'm grateful to be a mother,
and I'm grateful for my fabulous mother who I never fully appreciated until I became a mother.
I'm grateful for Shane's sweet mother who passed away on May 13th.
Grateful for her because she raised a great son.
Grateful for her because she was ALWAYS accepting of me and showed pure love towards me in her own special way from day one.

I hope that my girls know how much I cherish motherhood.
I hope they know that my greatest desire for them in this ENTIRE world is that they marry great men who love and respect them... and that they have the opportunity to become mothers
And then the cycle will continue...
Because they'll also realize that they aren't perfect mothers.
And they'll cut me some slack that they weren't raised by a perfect mother. :)

And what's not to love about cute, sincere little gifts and notes from your kids.
And even chocolate from the ward! :)
And for all of those reasons... I love Mother's Day!!
And I love these girls!!


Plus I love food... so a good BBQ always makes me happy.

+ watching Trey and Lydia play a competitive game of soccer together.

And these cuties...

And what would a family party be without Poppa taking a nap at it??

I'm grateful for sooooo many women in my life.

But most especially...
this one!

Love you mom!!