Monday, February 23, 2015

Disney Cruise - Castaway Cay...

We LOVE Castaway Cay.
Like I could live here FOREVER.
When I think of my happy place I think of

Some of us were up and running early.
Paige, Tara, Tayler, Saige, Kenna and Shane ran the 5K on the island.
Way to go guys!!!

I was proud of them...

and so was PLUTO!

Lydi, Jadyn and I had a more relaxing morning.

It wasn't long before these guys joined us at the Beach.

Poppa took us all sailing.
So gorgeous and so relaxing.
Thanks Dad!

Kenna and Lydia participated in the "Crab Races".
Unfortunately "Crab Cakes" was not the fastest little hermit crab! ;)

The BBQ lunch was delicious!

I've loved our week with this crazy bunch!!

The day couldn't have been any more perfect...
but I do wish it could have been longer!

We snorkeled, searched for sea shells, relaxed, built sandcastles.
Basically spent the day in PARADISE!

And were about the very last handful of people on the island because we didn't really want to leave.

That night we had our last dinner.

I had to post this next picture because I asked Lydia what her favorite thing on the cruise was and she said, "Remember that last night when our waiters brought us cupcakes that we could decorate ourselves?  That was so awesome!"   hahahaha Seriously???

Kind of like when Tayler and Saige were about 3 & 5 and we had  just spent a week in Orlando visiting all the Disney Parks + Universal and they said their favorite thing of the ENTIRE week was the slide at McDonalds!  hahaha 

This night in "Animator's Palate"  Each of us drew a person.
Then they collected them all and animated them.
That was awesome!

We ate our last Mickey Bars. :(

There was the show "an Unforgettable Journey" after dinner.

And then it was time to pack up and say our goodbyes.

We found this cute note from Jadyn on our door. :)

It was unanimous.

But they made us leave anyway.

So after getting to bed around 2...
we were up bright and early to get off the ship and head back to the Orlando airport.

Our flight wasn't until 4 PM so we had plenty of time for sitting and doing not much at all.

I think we tuckered Poppa out this week!

Then we were headed home.

It was an AMAZING week!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Mom + Dad!

It was truly unforgettable!!