Saturday, January 31, 2015

December 2014...

December minus Christmas and Lydia's Birthday looked like this.

We started off the month with the annual neighborhood caroling and Spoons Tournament.

Such a fun, fun tradition!

There were Aggie Games...

And lots of Sky View Games watching Tay cheer...


There was the Live Nativity in Nibley.

A night in SLC @ Temple Square.

And another night that Shane & Tayler went down with the Laurels and Priests in our ward.

Kenna did awesome in her school orchestra concert...

We saw Santa at the Falslev Family Party...

The girls had fun decorating Gingerbread Houses...

We had our annual party with the Carlsen's.
And our annual party with the Olson's,
and didn't get one picture!  oops!

There was a fun night with the family at the Voice Male Concert.
Thanks Mom and Dad!

Lisa and Joe spoiled all of us...

I helped with the "class party" in Jadyn's 3rd grade class.

and wrapped a whole bunch of presents with cute little helpers...

We had our "sleep under the tree night".

Tayler had fun @ the Christmas Dance with Ben, so grateful for her good friends!

 We took cute pictures after church one Sunday.

There was the finding of our elf Simon every morning.

And cute moments finding Lydia playing with her nativity.

And not-so-cute moments like when Tayler backed into my brother Jeff's car one night.

There was sledding at my parent's house.
Thanks Poppa!

We had our RAK night (Random Acts of Kindness).
Definitely my favorite night of December!
Visits with cute ladies in our ward, handing out treats etc.

If you watched SYTYCD you'll know who this is...
if not, it was pretty cool that they came to Logan and did a clinic for just the cost of a toy to donate to Sub for Santa!

Twitch and Alison, the girls were pretty excited!

December was busy...
No empty spaces on the calendar that is for sure, but we did most of it together as a family which makes it all worth it!

Then just like that there were New Years Eve Parties...

Wow 2014 flew by!  I'd like 2015 to slow down a bit... this year we will have our oldest starting college and our baby starting Kindergarten... I'm not ready for EITHER of those 2 events!

Friday, January 2, 2015

November 2014...

I know it's been a while ago,  but back in November...

A great season of SV Football came to an end.
I told Tayler to hold it in until she got home.
But I think she had a good cry about the season ending.
She's growing up...
She loves High School...
She loves Cheer...
She has absolutely 0 senioritis...
And she's gonna miss it all so I'm glad she's not wishing any of it away. :)

But I'm pretty sure next year is going to be great for her too.
How could it not be?
She's an AGGIE!!

Can't believe we are old enough for that!

My girls get pretty pumped when I tell them we are going on a fall photo shoot.
It was a cold day so it didn't take long. hahaha


It's been a weird winter, but Lydia was definitely excited for that first snowfall.
I was excited for her big sisters to get home to go play with her.
I prefer winter from indoors!

Or in a yummy place like "the Crepery".

Tayler took Austin to "Sadies" this year.
The cheerleaders are in charge of that dance so Shane and I got to chaperone at it.
We had fun people watching!


The girls got a picture with Grandpa Falslev's at the Veteran's Assembly.

Aggie Games started up again...

And that was November!! :)