Wednesday, December 16, 2015

November 2015...

In November there were two great Sky View Games.
The 5A quarter-final game @ SV.

And then they got to travel to Rice-Eccles Stadium for the Semi-final Game.

They were "sad cats" by the end of that game.
It was the first loss of the year.
But making it that far is nothing to hang their heads about!

What a great season they had!

Saige found Grandpa Falslev after the Veteran's Assembly @ school.

This is Saige's favorite assembly of the year, congrats to SV for such a great tradition.
An amazing site to see their entire student body "dressed in their best" for the day.

There was SV kids camp one Saturday.

Thanks to hard work on mine and Saige's part, she had 37 of the 160 girls signed up under her!
Which means she covered her cheer fees for the ENTIRE YEAR!
Thanks Saige!  + Thank you to all our awesome friends and neighbors who brought their girls + the sponsors she got!

They performed at a basketball game a couple weeks later.

There was red ribbon week at school...
So "Crazy Hair Day" for these two.

Plus "Jersey Day".

Young Women in Excellence with lots of cute girls! ;)

Shane bought us new Christmas lights for our house + risked his life to make me happy.
Thanks, they look awesome!

There was Sadie's for Saige.
She took Isaac Watteyne.
The whole cheer squad went together since it's the dance they are "in charge of".
Shane and I got to chaperone.
It's always fun and a little bit "funny" to see some of these kids in their element!!

We played with baby Sydney.
And she even had a sleepover with us since her mama had gallbladder surgery.
Sad for Kimi, pretty fun to have a snuggle buddy for us!

 Delicious food + great company.

All the kids loved that Poppa played "pie face" with them!

A perfect Thanksgiving Day!

The Aggie Basketball Season started!
We love our Aggies!
(And cousins :))

We had our best "black friday" tree hunt...
It didn't really start out that way, it's always the typical "getting the snow stuff out for the seaon routine".  Which goes like this... without fail someone has grown out of their snowpants... or their boots from the year before.  Or I find two pairs with HUGE holes in them???
Many a year we have stopped and bought new stuff that day... but I was NOT STOPPING this year.
So if Saige looks like she's wearing a snowsuit 4 sizes too big.
 she is...
+ a pair of boots 2 sizes too small.
Sorry Saige...

We left earlier than usual, found a tree in our first hunting spot, all agreed on it, and only had small amounts of grumpiness... which Tayler pointed out as a "Life Lesson."

Sometimes the most "direct path" to the truck, is not the "BEST path" to the truck... when carrying a 16 foot tree. haha

Cutting trees with the Carlsen's has been a tradition for years.
A stop at "Big J's" on the way home was a great ending.

Then the rest of the day decorating the house and...

we were well on our way to a fabulous Christmas season!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

October 2015

October looked like this....

3 of our girls were in the Utah State Homecoming Parade with Tuellers.

During the parade Jadyn, Shane and I sat in front of the Logo Shop with Tay while she was "working".

Little Jady collected enough candy at the parade for the whole family. :)

We went to four Sky View Football Games in October.
What an awesome season they had!

Pictures with "Paws" after a pep assembly.

There was the Fall Festival at Greenville.

A ward Halloween carnival.

Storytime at the library.

We met our newest niece Sydney.
What a little doll!

Raked leaves...

Lydia went on a "farm" field trip.

We visited the Pumpkin Walk.

Got a surprise Halloween package in the mail from Uncle Dan and Aunt Kayce!

Kenna spent lots of time with friends.

Lydia had a Halloween party @ dance.

One of many date nights with these two.
(All our "babysitters" that live in our house always have plans! :()

Of course we carved pumpkins.

And harvested the first pineapple off our plant!

Thanks October!