Thursday, November 20, 2014

October 2014...

In October, there was...

a SV Pep Rally.

A Cheer Dinner.

Football Games.

Football Games.

And more Football Games!

 Lydia even got to ride the bus with Shane and I to one game.
She thought that was the coolest thing she had EVER done!!

There were Aggie Football Games.

And USU's Homecoming Parade.

There were a couple days of apple-picking at my parents house.
TONS of apples this year!

(These next 2 pics are going in my album of "favorite photos with Poppa" :))

We were super happy to accept the apple picking payment of... Aggie Ice Cream!

We had fun with Abi and Skye who came to church with us one Sunday.

We spent UEA break up at Bear Lake.
Gorgeous fall weather.

The 4 of us played a round of mini-golf...

 while these 3 played a round of "real golf"...

We visited Tony's Grove...  Sadly I don't remember ever going there before!
(But I must have, right?)

We visited North Logan's Pumpkin Walk.
It gets bigger and more crowded every year I'm pretty sure.
What amazing talent and creativity + I think it is about the only "free" activity left in this world!
We love it!

Lydia, Jadyn and Kenna helped our neighbor Raquel with her display by recording their voices for her "sorry" game board.

Tayler painted this "pineapple" for YW's for another neighbor.

And Jadyn painted this cupcake. :)

Thanks Poppa for letting us pick pumpkins from your pumpkin patch!

October's weather was amazing.
Even warm enough for roasting pumpkin shaped marshmallows at the end of the month.

But not now... now it's WINTER!!
Thanks for a fun month October!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween 2014

The kids love it.
I like it because of the kids.
But it's never really been a favorite holiday of mine.

That's my confession for the week.

But Pumpkin Carving is fun.

Shane has power tools for everything.
And gets pretty excited about those tools too.
Except sometimes he "thins" the pumpkins out too much... like all the way through. haha
The girls are good to let him have his fun though.:)

There were a billion little "Anna's" running around this Halloween but I think this one was the cutest!

A super cute witch...

A bandit...


and this creepy thing...
Lydia wouldn't look at her eyes!

Halloween is always a busy day.
Helping in a class party for Jadyn.
Tayler dancing in the SV assembly. 
the Ward Trunk-or-Treat (thank you Deon!!)

So why not throw in a High School Playoff Football Game?

The weather was PERFECT.
And that made this Halloween a super good one!