Thursday, October 30, 2014

September Happenings...

Always playing catch-up...
oh well!

Labor Day Weekend Shane was out of town and the older girls and I decided that it was time to go on a family hike.  I don't know that we have actually ever done a "true hike" together.  There's always been one that is too small.
I was still worried about Lydia.
So I told her that if she wanted to go to Disneyland in November she had to make it to the wind caves and back...

So she did!

There were a few tears due to a couple skinned knees since she insisted on RUNNING but she made it the ENTIRE way up and down with no help!

At one point when we passed a big group of people she said, "Wow, lots of other people are trying to get to Disneyland too!"  haha 
So she was a little confused when we went on another hike 2 weeks later, "just for fun." 

Shane was jealous he hadn't been there for our "first hike".
So we did the Crimson Trail together.

The girls were all troopers, it's a little embarrassing that I'm the only one in this picture with rosey cheeks though...

There were Saturdays filled with volleyball games for both Kenna and Jadyn...

There was Grandparents Day...
One of ours' and my parents' favorite traditions!

A puppet show...

Duck, duck, goose games (Lydia's family game of choice.)

The end of our snow cone obsession for the season.

The Ogden Temple Open House.

Lydia's "Horse Camp" she sure LOVED it!

Jadyn was so excited that she got out of school early and could go one day!

There were football games...

A girls night out to the General LDS Women's Broadcast.  
Such great messages... and such a great time.
Minus the moment when we pulled into Salt Lake and I asked Tay to look in my purse for the tickets, then realized the purse was left back at in-n-out in Centerville, then called said restaurant only to have them say it wasn't there.  So yeah I was pretty grateful when Tayler came out with it, still right where I had left it!
(Gosh I love living in Utah!)

By the time we got back to the Conference Center, we were late and it was raining buckets but we were grateful for the opportunity to be there!

 I'll always be a Grizzly, but me and my family cheer for Sky View now!!  Go Cats!!

Then there was the morning that Kenna woke up and  said, "Mom is there something wrong with my lip?"

Why yes Kenna, I think there is something wrong with your lip.
She must have got bit by something.
I let her stay home, she had me take her to school 1/2 way through the day.
It wasn't quite as swollen by then.
Just sayin' I would have let her stay home the whole day, I couldn't look at her without laughing!!


September was perfect. :)