Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sky View Homecoming 2014

What a super fun and busy week.

Activities for Tayler and Saige all week.
Wednesday was the parade...

Saige's Sophomore class presidency float...

She may be Class President...
but she obviously didn't have to take a spelling test to get that position... ;)

(In her defense Tayler and I both saw her maker her poster and didn't notice...)

Tayler was chosen as Homecoming Royalty...
Gosh she looked gorgeous.

Their little sisters + Libby were excited to see them in the parade + excited for all the candy they got!

After the parade it was time to get dirty playing a little Powder Puff.
Tay was a running back, and had a couple great plays.

Shane was so very sad that he was working on the LA Temple and couldn't be there.
A dad of 5 girly girls definitely would have loved seeing that.

They won!
And her "coaches" couldn't have been happier!

More activities throughout the week.

Then a great football game. (SV won :))

Tay cheered her team on with her cute cheer sisters...

Then got ready to be escorted down the field with her dad.
He made it back just in time for the game...
even changed his flight, because he was NOT going to miss that moment!

So fun for both of them.

Saturday was the dance, she went with her friend Nathan...
she got all bruised up paintballing during the day,
then had a fun time getting all fancy for the dance that night.
She had a great time.

An unforgettable week for Tayler's last Homecoming + a fabulous first Homecoming week for Saige.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

August 2014 catchup...

Besides Jadyn's Baptism, Hogle Zoo, Bear World and the start of the school year.
This is what else happened in August. :)

The Cache County Fair with my girls...

Why is fair food so delicious?
All that grease I guess...
and we sure had our fair share of it!

We missed Shane at the fair, he was off in Samoa working on the Temple...

(and playing some...)

Then later in the month he was off in Villa Hermosa Mexico.

Since he was gone Lydia got to have a fun "sleepover" with Grandma Kathie and Poppa Tony while the other 4 sisters and I had our annual "girls weekend" with Kim and Kaylee, Deon and Lisa.

Such a fun weekend of shopping, eating good food, shopping some more, staying up late and doing it again the next day.

SUCH a fun tradition!

Kenna had an AMAZING time at a week long Pickleville Playhouse camp.
 Such a cute performance at the end.
Kenna even sang a solo.
And not going to lie but somewhere along the way I didn't even realize she liked to sing or could sing...
and she can sing!
What can't our Kenna do????

Lydia, learned to ride a bike without training wheels.
And yes she is too little for that.
Did her parents teach her?
Lisa did!  Full credit goes to her!!
We tried but she wanted Lisa. hahaha
Then one day she said, "watch this mom" and she just took off straight down the driveway.
I panicked a little, and she called back, "I'm fine mom!!"
Silly little determined thing is all over the neighborhood now!

There was the ward camp out (our family's only camping experience of the year.)
Fun to be with good friends, only about 5 families stayed over.

We decided next summer we are going to actually CAMP on our own somewhere... for at least one night... and Tayler says it CAN'T be the ward camp out OR the backyard!
That will be BIG for us. :)

We had our annual "back-to-school" fashion show.

With a little family stunting thrown in...

We visited Poppa's office and the girls got a little "aborigine lesson".

We visited Tayler at the snow shack...

There were several rainy days...
Perfect for dancing in the rain with friends.

Shane took the girls to the Aquatics Center...
where Jadyn jumped off the high dive over and over.

There was the splash pad...

Rope swinging...

A visit to our favorite Dentist. :)
Uncle Jeff.

Quality time with cousins... haha

and sister time...

We registered for school.
Kenna was SUPER excited about having a locker!

I still can't believe she is in middle school...

There was the first football game of the year.
That freezing cold wet one!
It was a "throwback game" so they wore the "old uniforms."

Brrrr it was a cold night!

The girls helped me bottle...
and bottle...
and bottle.
Thanks to my daddy for the beans.

We bottled 48 quarts of beans...
plus all those peaches I mentioned a few posts back.
That's enough for me for one year!!

August treated us well...
And I say it every year,
but summer flew by WAY too fast for me!!