Saturday, July 26, 2014

Random June...

Honestly between Birthdays, Family Reunion and the Dance Reviews how is there more???

But there is. :)

The month started out with Shane calling me saying he needed me to come get him.
He had cut himself... bad.
He didn't really need to tell me that.
Why... because he cuts himself ALL the time.
Sometimes he just duct tapes them up.
Sometimes he duct tapes them... then decides to go get stitches the next day and by then the skin is too soft and stitches won't hold.

So when he actually CALLED me... I knew it was bad.
Honestly he has NEVER called me to come get him.
Didn't even call me when he cut his fingers off in a miter saw.
He waited till he was in the ER getting them stitched back on to call.

This may gross you out... but o well.
It was deep!
He cut clear down into the joint.
They were worried about infection because it was so deep.
12 stitches later he was back to himself.

Saying things like, "maybe I should have just super glued it".
This also from the guy who was, "supposed to wear a splint for 2 weeks."
I saw he didn't have it on and he said, "Well I couldn't bend my finger so I modified it."
Pretty sure the point of the splint was so that he couldn't bend his finger...
and did he miss a day of work.
Of course not.
Shane is a hard worker.. but one SUPER stubborn man!

Besides that gross stuff...
We helped my cute little niece Elle celebrate her 1st Birthday.

Tayler had her cheer "car wash".

And Cheer Camp at USU.
A super crummy cold, wet week.
But they had fun anyway of course.

Visits with Grandma and Poppa.

Hair do's by Lydi.

Snow cones by Tayler...
I swear we went there every time she worked for most of June.
She's a cute little "snow shack worker".

There were after Church pics...

the day we rented a puppy.
Like for real...
rented a puppy.
We found a special and it was the best $20 I have ever spent!
3 hours of PURE entertainment.
And then we got to give him back.
AND they delivered and picked him up too.

You can laugh.
But some of my kids want a dog.
Shane and I do not.
Best of both worlds. :)

Meet Carl...

Honestly Carl wasn't like most puppies.
He was tired.
Not hyper... at all.
Hayden was over and according to him he was, "like a breathing stuffed animal."
That was true... he just wanted to be in the shade.
Would never have gone on a walk with them.
And much preferred the cool indoors.
Poor dog may have been to too many "rental houses" that week.

Mock us... but we'd do that again!!

There was Father's Day...

We got Shane a tandem bike among other things.
Honestly us girls were more excited about the bike than Shane.

We even got Grandma to go for a ride!
Love this picture!

and love that she also tested out Kenna's scooter!

There were a couple weeks of swim lessons for Lydia and Jadyn.

10 days of Shane off in Merida Mexico working on the Temple.

A "summer strings" week for Kenna.
Ending with a concert with the Cache Symphony Orchestra at the Kent Concert Hall.

Saige went to Youth Conference one weekend.

Tayler couldn't go because she was running RAGNAR for the second year.

She has no idea why.
And she swears she will NEVER do it again.
But she definitely said that last year too.
I drove my mom and the younger girls to Park City to see them cross the finish line.
So proud of those kids.
She ran 14 miles total.
Her team of 12 ran almost 200 miles..
from Logan to Park City.
I'm not a runner, that does not sound fun to me... and according to Tayler there is absolutely nothing FUN about it.

Her description... "you sweat, hurt, have to sit in a stinky car, sleep an hour or so on the side of the road, visit "honey buckets" and watch people suffer for around 30 hours, does that sound fun???"

The best part of the race was definitely having Taitlin on her team.

Have I mentioned that I am grateful for good friends...

June was busy.
And June was fun!
But Summer is cruising by WAY too fast for me!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Birthdays...

Summer means birthdays at our house.
Saige's was June 2nd
She turned 15...
how does this happen?????

Saige was super excited about her birthday this year...
I took her shopping the weekend before and she got far more than her share. hahaha
We opened presents with the family the night before.

 These two...

The younger ones were more than happy to hand her the presents. haha

She spent her actual birthday up at Bear lake with a few of her friends.
Tayler drove them up and Hayden came up later.
The girls had a blast of course.
She felt bad she couldn't take more... but she definitely had fun with Jaidyn, Emme and Abi.
Gosh I'm grateful for good friends for our girls.


Dinner at Cafe Sabor that night.

Then home for a movie at our house.
She was happy.
Can't believe she is 15.
She took drivers' ed. last month.
I'll tell you what... driving with her will keep you awake.
She doesn't listen well when I scream "STOP".
She causes me to curse, and my blood pressure to rise.
Just sayin'

My {gasp} 40th Birthday was June 18th.
Gosh I have been dreading this day.
Honestly I didn't care at all about turning 40.
That part didn't bother me in the least.
But... it is possible that I have a few friends that I had a little fun with on their big birthday.
I was hoping she would forget... hoping that the friends that I was nice to would back me up.
But I knew it was coming.
I prepared myself.
Told myself that no matter what I would be a good sport.
I'd just lock myself in my house for the day and deal with it.
I woke up to this...

Let's just say that my friends spent a ton of time... and a lot of money on my birthday.
{It may be Lisa, Deon and Kim... but I don't want to name names...}
This was just the beginning.

See those "pictures" in the park strip.
There were several different ones of those.
Me and my "terrified" face with all kinds of animals and birds.

Gosh I'm hot...

More pictures down on the corner.
I had to drive all over and I tried hard not to look.
everyone saw them, everyone thought they were hilarious.
The wind picked up, some fell down.  Saige went around and hammered them back in.
I wasn't super happy about that I thought that if they fell, they fell, but whatever.

I had birthday wishes, love, treats all day.
It was awesome.
Then people started telling me about "shirts".
Shirts that people had seen,
how funny these shirts were.
How so and so had one...
etc. etc.

I had begged Shane not to do a surprise party, Lisa had promised it was just 4 couples going to dinner that night... so what were these shirts????

Shane and I left for Cafe Sabor...
I come across another huge picture of me on 8th east.
Up until this point I think I'd been a pretty good sport.
But some stupid surprise party was coming, THAT I DIDN'T WANT... and I blew!
Poor Shane.
I jumped out of the car and grabbed that sign that for all I knew had been there all day.
+ how many more were there that I hadn't seen????
+ what were these dang shirts all about????

Got to Cafe Sabor, there were my friends and I was a grump.
That was rude of me... I feel bad now.
But I was experiencing a severe case of anxiety.
There they were wearing the shirts.
Which were actually hilarious.
They assured me these were the only shirts... but 5 people had told me there were more...
I didn't believe them.
Long story short I calmed down some, but not before hurting feelings.
I felt bad because I knew they loved me and were just trying to help me have a good day.

We were going to Kim and Rusty's after.
That must be where all the other people were coming in the other shirts
But no.. it was there that I found out that Lisa had made about an hour long video that had taken approximately 3 months...
With music videos, memories AND the most hilarious part with about 50 of our neighbors wearing the shirts that they had made wishing me Happy Birthday... wearing them all around town too... like at Lee's, the Dr.'s office, a worker at Costa Vida, neighbors houses etc. etc. etc.

It must have taken FOREVER!!

So that's how everyone knew about "those shirts".

It was incredible.
I felt bad for being a poor sport.
But I hope they all know how much I appreciate them.
We've watched that video approximately 10 times.
It's awesome!

My girls were so sweet to me all day.

Saige made the cake. :)

WOW I am glad that day is OVER!!!
Major anxiety!!

Tayler's 17th Birthday was on July 1st.
That seems impossible... 17!!!

Tayler is normally a birthday snob.
She loves her birthday. loves everything birthday like, always wants a huge party etc.
This year she just wanted a date with Hayden... boring!  hahaha

Shane felt bad because he was still in Merida Mexico on a Temple trip that was taking way longer than expected.

Saige and I planned a surprise birthday breakfast for her.
She was surprised. :)

I hope she had fun.
It was last minute... we had no idea how many to plan on but it turned out perfect.

Lunch with Kelsee.
and a date with Hayden that night.

I hope it was a good day for you Tay we sure do love you.
I didn't even take pictures of her opening presents.
+ I didn't even get her a cake.
So Birthday cake ice cream had to do. :(

If you could stop getting older now I would be very, very, very happy with that!!!!

Kenna's 11th Birthday was July 3rd.

Present time with the family.

Is is obvious that Lydia would like a little more attention.


Logan city Fireworks that night.
Just for her of course!

After the fireworks I decided to run to Lee's to grab cupcakes for her.
I was 5 blocks away and it took an entire hour to get there and home.
So her "cake and ice cream" happened at midnight!

Her friend party was on the 5th.
I drove her and 4 friends up to Bear Lake for the day.
They LOVED it.
They played at the lake and in the sand for FOREVER.

It was a gorgeous day.
and everyone else thought that Bear Lake sounded like a good idea this 4th of July weekend as well.

Honestly I'm not sure that I have ever been there when it was this crowded.
It was like this on both sides of us.
We squeezed in right by where they gas up the rentals.
The gas was pretty much dripping on their sand castles.
I hope that's not a problem... the girls didn't care... so...

They had fun at the pool.

Played games at the condo.
 Went mini-golfing.
and had a super fun time together!

Jadyn's birthday is next.
She's turning 8!!
And she can't wait!

Do you blame me that I get a little "partied out" in the summer????  :)