Wednesday, April 30, 2014

TSOD Dance Competitions...

Another year of dance competition season is over.
4 very long Saturdays...
filled with 100's of dances.
But the 7 dances that our girls are dancing in...
make it all worth the long days!!

If you want to see their dances and not spend a whole day at a competition...
This is the place. :)

Kenna started competitive this year.
She's super good.
And totally sassy.
We all love watching her!

"School Days"...



Saige in "Treasure"...

"These Waters"...
(This is Saige's contemporary.  Tayler was subbing for someone this day though)

So fun watching Tayler and Saige dance together in "Live it Up"...

Tayler in "Trouble"...

And "Only If"...

And that's a wrap.
Good job girls... now time to prepare for the review!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend...

Gosh I love Spring...
And I love Easter even more than Spring!

Life is pretty crazy around our house, but we found a minute for all of the girls to dye eggs Friday night... although Tayler had to leave 15 minutes in for a cheer sleepover and Jadyn had the stomach flu and only lasted a few minutes.

But we look like we are all together and sharing a fun family moment dyeing 8 dozen eggs... right???

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house Friday night... Like every year.
We decided long ago that Saturday morning just works better for us.
Too hard with early church + Shane's early morning meetings + feeling the true meaning of Easter.
It just works for us. 

That day we were off to a Dance Competition.
Lydia came with me for most of the day... she loved it...

Actually she lasted several hours, so she deserved a nap.
Not sure how she slept through all that loud music though.

Shane picked her up for me they went to Lee's.
"We've got a friend at Lee's"... his name is Josh... but you may recognize him as the Easter Bunny. hahaha

Later Shane took Lydia and Jadyn out to Aunt Ronda's for her annual egg hunt.
Ronda goes all out for her hunt!  Both Lydia and Jadyn's baskets were overflowing!!

Last Saturday there was the North Logan City Hunt.
Shane was off at the older girls dance Competition in Pocatello so I got to take the little ones.
Shane's a good sport to take them to that long competition!!
(It's possible he might have looked like Lydia's dance comp pic too... all curled up and sawing logs on a gym bench.:)) 

Jadyn was not at all afraid of the Easter Bunny...
Lydia... well she's not in the picture so that answers that!!

Easter Sunday was a beautiful day.
Great messages shared.
A quick pic in their "Easter Dresses".
The 1st year since Tayler was born that I haven't got them new dresses.
Shane was proud of me!

A family dinner at our house for those close by.

Paige brought her new bunny, "Giselle".
She's one cute pampered bunny!

It's been fun having Dusty here going to USU.
He's heading home for the summer, but we'll see him back here before we know it! :)

And  this year was proof no kid is too old for an Easter Egg Hunt.
The 14-20 age group were knocking kids over right and left for those eggs. hahaha
{Just Kidding}

Elle wasn't really into the hunt, but gosh she is cute...

I don't know if Missy got a great picture of Elle...
but I got a great picture of Missy trying!!

It was a fabulous Easter Weekend.

It's hard to show on a blog...
But even with all the Easter fun...
My feelings of gratitude for my Savior are what this weekend was really about.
My gratitude for his sacrifice for me...

Have you seen this yet?

If not...
 you should.

If you have...
you should again.

#BecauseofHim we celebrate Easter.
#BecauseofHim I can try harder to be a little better every single day.
#BecauseofHim I know who I am.
#BecauseofHim I can live with my family forever.

Happy Easter!