Monday, February 10, 2014

January Happenings...

It's 2014!
New Years Day was a perfect day for this...

Not exactly sure why.
They invited me to join them... I declined.

A goodbye dinner at my parents for Tara who was heading back to Texas.
We love our Tara and miss her when she isn't here. :(

Cousins are the best.

I attended my first wrestling meet ever...
Honestly never thought with 5 girls that I would attend a wrestling match.
But I wanted to see those "wrestling cheers".

Although entertaining, you can't tell me wrestling is not a tiny bit of a weird sport...
I think I felt like a guy attending his first dance competition, totally out of place.

LOTS of SV basketball games this month.

There was "sledding" like this.

A couple cavities filled by my favorite dentist and baby brother.
He was a little too excited to "work on my teeth" in my opinion.
But gosh Dr. Wegener did a great job! :)

There was the moments when Lydia was cleaning her room and she called me in to show me that...
"I put markers and this book in my time-out corner so when I have to go there I'll have something to do."
I let her leave it. :)
(Still there a month later and she hasn't had to go to "time-out" since)

There was a super ecstatic and beautiful girl who got her braces off this month!!
She wasn't even mad about that!

Shane had a birthday.
We took him to lunch @ fredricos + bowling + "shopping" for new pants.  Shane hates shopping, so it was a dream come true for him. haha  
Shane is a "picky pants" type guy... He wants baggy, I want fitted.
I'm tired of buying pants and then returning them so Tayler and I made him try on LOTS of stuff.
It was fun at first...
But by the end I was just happy to get out of there with 4 pairs and hope to not have to do that again for a while!
Poor Saige was sick and stayed home. :(

Boy our family has some super great "tilts". :)

So grateful that our girls have so many fun friends.

Shane worked on the Boston Temple this month...

A quick job actually and he went all alone, and finished earlier than he thought.
He was bored + not excited to "see the sites by himself."
We told him to take pictures... so Tayler, Saige and I got shots like this.

"Selfies" from the Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill Monument, In-n-out burger etc.
They made us laugh, but it was a little sad at the same time. :(

Tayler and Saige were not sad that they got to spend a couple days in St. George with Shane.

I guess this is an annual daddy-daughter excursion.
They ate yummy food...

Went on a hike...

Played a round of golf...

Stayed 2 nights...
Sluffed a day of school...
And Saige had her dream come true when Shane stopped at IKEA for her...
No idea why, but they said she was MORE than giddy!
Apparently she has never been there with us??

She says her life is complete now.
Gosh I'm grateful for the relationship Shane has with his girls.

Tayler asked one of our cute ward boys, Garrett D. to Sweethearts.

With a goat.

As far as ways to ask this was about the cutest ever!
Thanks to her friend Marshall for finding her a goat to borrow + helping her deliver it there in negative degree weather.

That is one seriously cute goat!!
January was cold, and if I had my way I would just stay inside all month.
But no...

My favorite part of winter is Lydia whispering something like this in my ear before bed...
"Is tomorrow a day that we get to be lazy and stay in our pajamas and snuggle in your bed after my sisters go to school?"
Those are my favorite mornings by far!!
And it made January a pretty great month.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A scary morning...

Have you ever actually thought your child was missing?
Like for real?

Well, here's a little story that happened at our house last week.
Seems kindof funny now.
We laugh about it almost every day actually.
But at the time,
there was no laughing... I promise...

It goes like this...

Shane gets up to check to see that Saige is up at the usual time, 6:15.
A few minutes later he comes into the room and wakes me up with this...
"Saige is gone!  I can't find her anywhere!  She is not in this house!"
I jump out of bed groggy and confused saying, "maybe she is downstairs?  In a sisters room. etc."
He is frantic + freaking out a little, actually a lot...

We run to her room.

Where in the world would a 14 year old go @ 6 in the morning.

Crazy things start running through my head...
I've read the Elizabeth Smart book...
Those kindof crazy things are going through my head!
I remembered that the upstairs bathroom light was on @ 2:30 am when I stumbled out to get cough medicine for Lydia... they never leave the light on at night.  Could something have happened to her before then?

I also remembered that her door was shut @ 11:30 PM when we got home from the super late Aggie b-ball game the night before + we never checked on her just assumed she was there.  Which means we hadn't actually seen her since about 8 PM the night before.

We ran to Tayler's room, frantically woke her up and told her Saige was missing.

Tayler read that book too.
The two of us are thinking the same thing.
We are panicking!

Tayler notices her phone is gone.
Calls it... no answer.
We're running around the house crazy like.
The front door is unlocked,
both Shane and I checked that the night before and knew it was locked.

She's gone!!!

Could she be sleepwalking?
Why would she leave?
Did someone take her?

Then Shane asked Tay and I what shoes were missing?  Was she wearing shoes?
Tayler, Saige and I share shoes.
A lot of shoes.
Honestly figuring out which ones were missing + what she might have been wearing...
would take some time!
Both of us look at Shane like, are you kidding me???

It hadn't been very long,
but we didn't know what to do.
So Shane called the police...
spent a minute explaining the situation and that we had NO idea where she could be.

Tayler tries calling her phone again... no answer.
A few seconds later her phone rings.
Tay answers this way...
"Who is this?"
Like it might be the kidnappers demanding a ransom or something.

Nope it was Saige.
Super confused on why we were confused.
She was at her YW's leaders house...
with all the other YW her age...
Having breakfast to welcome a new Mia Maid in.

Tayler and I knew that... totally forgot that!

Shane lets the dispatch lady know that we found her.
She didn't hang up until asking a few more question like who is she with...  
"um, her Young Women leaders..."

We let Saige know when she got home that... if she ever wants to know if she is loved, or would be missed, try to picture the panic and fear the 3 of us had that morning!

When Jadyn got up that morning I said, "we thought Saige was lost this morning."
Her response...
"O, did you not remember that she was going to breakfast?"

Nope, Jady we didn't!

We were super grateful that day!
That day that we will never forget!