Monday, November 18, 2013

My Gorgeous Family...

Love this gorgeous family of mine...

Thanks Megan Heaps for the great pictures!
Anyone interested in her contact info let me know :)

My 6 favorite people!!
What lucky girls!

Megan did a photo shoot with Tayler in the summer for advertising.  Here are a few of those.


Great job Meg.
You are seriously talented.
But it may help that somehow Shane and I got us some SERIOUSLY beautiful girls!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Why am I still blogging?

Why am I still blogging?
Nobody else seems to be.
It's dieing out just like VHS tapes from the 90's...
I don't know if many people even see this blog anymore.

And honestly I don't really care.

I'm blogging for my family.
I'm blogging as a record.
I'm blogging to preserve my family history.
Sure I scrapbook like crazy for my girls.
But I'm always behind.
And I find myself looking back for the journaling for those scrapbook pages from my blog.
Because although I'm usually behind on my blog too... it's still more fresh on my mind when I get around to blogging.

But every time I have a new bad boy like this printed...

Gosh I'm glad that I took the time to record all that.
I'm writing my own story, really...

I know printing it out isn't cheap.
But there aren't many things filled with more memories.

It's my 4th book... and Tayler has 3 printed.
Anything more priceless than knowing my teenager is writing her own story too???

Not for me!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013...

A night carving pumpkins is always fun...

And if power tools are involved Shane is totally on board.

That thing helps thin out the pumpkin wall.  Works great... unless you lift it out of the pumpkin while it is still going and guts splatter all over the walls and little girls...
Just sayin'

But everyone was happy with the end results.

And Tayler really needed a shower after this...

Lydia was excited that she got 2 dress-up days at preschool.
The first day she was Belle...

"Just practicing my spins mom!"

And the second day she was her main costume.
Doc McStufffins...
her very favorite Disney Jr. character.

We went to "Halloween City" to look for stuff for her sisters.  I had already decided Lydia would be Belle, but she found this.  She was one super excited little girl.
It was like the best thing she had ever seen.
She never asks for anything at a store but she was holding taught to this costume.
And I caved and got it for her.

She wore it for 3 days straight!
And still talks about "Halloween City" like it was the best shopping mall in the world!
Halloween City was apparently the highlight of her month!!

Jadyn was a super cute witch...

Kenna was a creepy bride...

Saige was a Genie...
The mustache a beard TOTALLY made her costume!

Tayler was a creepy zombie.
Creepy enough that Lydia, Jadyn and Kenna wouldn't even look at her.

It was those "fake contact eyes".
She said no one could have a normal conversation with her all day because they either couldn't look her in the eyes or they were mesmerized by them and couldn't look away!


Kenna got used to her...

But Lydia and Jadyn never did and needed Saige as a buffer between them!

A super fun busy day filled with...

An assembly for Tayler that she danced with cheer at.
A class party for Jadyn.
A class party for Kenna.
The ward trunk-or-treat
Trick-or-treating @ Lee's
Visits to Grandparents.
And more trick-or-treating.
Oh, and a date for Tayler.

Basically a jam packed fun Halloween!