Wednesday, September 18, 2013

August recap...

August seems like forever ago.

But ours looked like this...

Our annual Lagoon day was a total success.
For the 1st time in 3 years Shane was able to come with us.
He's been "visiting" the country...  Aug/Sept he's been working on Temples in...

Portland Oregon
Medford Oregon
St George and
St. Paul, Minnesota

So we were glad he made it to Lagoon with us.  :)
(The only hubby who did this year!)

It was a dream come true for Jady...
she has waited a LONG time to have all 3 of her favorite boys with her at Lagoon!

And we aren't sure what happened to our hesitant little Jadyn, but she went on EVERY ride...
and loved them... collosus, wicked, spider etc.

She laughed all the way through them... ???

Everyone had fun on the hot August day!
I got the typical "Lagoon headache" that I usually get and was once again thankful that we do Lagoon...
only once a year!

Is is just me or do Tayler and Kelsee look like twins in this picture?

Super glad for good friends to share the day with.

Tayler and Kelsee did the "Sky Coaster", and were sad that we didn't get good pictures, sorry guys!

It was a fun day...
See you next year Lagoon!

We enjoyed summer nights filled with corn and other bounteous veggies from both of our awesome daddy's.

Jadyn our little gardener made sure to keep our small garden watered all summer and checked on it way more than the rest of us combined.  She cuts herself up a cucumber about everyday...
and usually eats them...
but I found this cute pic on my camera hahaha.

The girls spent a super fun night at the "Princess Academy" one night.
Actually poor Kenna got jipped out of this...I thought she would be too old for it.
Tayler and Saige were asked to help by being "ladies in waiting".
Which made me feel obligated to sign the 2 littles up.
It turned out to be so much fun and I felt bad that poor Kenna missed it. :(

Lydia and Jadyn were in heaven!  Lydia STILL talks about it everyday... any princess story, picture etc. that she sees she says something about, "The Princess Academy that we went to."

A little girls dream come true!

We had our annual "Girls Weekend" in SLC.
Shopping, Shopping, Shopping, Eating and a ton of fun.
This year we decided that Jadyn was old enough to come... until that morning when she woke up with the tummy flu.  :(  Poor girl stayed home with Shane and Lydia.  She felt better by the afternoon and he took them to the fair so she was ok with that.

  We had a great time...

The next day we got to see Deon's daughter Megan and her fiancee Brad perform as Tarzan and Jane in the Hale Theater Production.

It was AWESOME!!
(Shane left Lydia with a sitter and came down with Jadyn.)

Such a fun weekend!

We watched Tayler cheer in her 1st Football Game.
Shane was in heaven.
After years of dance performances he FINALLY got to watch one of his girls at a game.
Pretty much I watched Tayler and Shane watched the game.
He's earned that right I think!!!


There were other random moments...
Like how excited Lydia was to give this sweet blanket that she made ALL BY HERSELF to baby Elle.

No gift was more heartfelt than this one.

A FHE feeding the ducks...

And eating orange leaf...

And in between it all... school started... and just like that summer was over.

We are enjoying the cooler weather now, but certain that we will look back on the carefree summer days that we all enjoyed and wish for them to come back quickly!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back to School...

A couple weeks of school behind us already.

Tayler started her Junior year.
I don't even want to talk about it... that is weird!!

So fun to be able to go to SV and see their dance/cheer in the opening assembly.

It's going to be a great and BUSY year for this girl.
Her 2 AP classes... Calculus and History are already kicking her butt.

Saige is a freshmen...
Freshmen don't go to our High School.
I think I like that, but of course the Freshmen don't. hahaha

You are beautiful Saige!

Kenna is in 5th grade.
She is becoming a beautiful young lady right before our eyes...

Jadyn is in 2nd grade.
She just plain makes me happy.

These 2 were ready!!

 Lydia didn't get to start school the same day as them.
And those 1st few days back in school were rough.
She was once again reminded that I am way lamer at playing than her sisters are.

I'm trying, I really am, I just don't know all the "rules" to how she plays barbies... calicos... ponies... mommy/babies... etc. etc.  And 1/2 hour increments just aren't enough for that girl.  :)

Good thing she started dance that day.

This child has been ready to start dance for FOREVER.
She is pretty lucky that BOTH Tayler and Saige help in her dance class.
And I am pretty lucky that Tayler drives!

Last year I drove to dance 12 times/week.
This year because Tay and Saige are now in the same class, and they take Lydi to hers...
I only drive 4 times/week.

I'm LOVING that idea!!

This week Lydia started preschool.
I keep telling her she needs to stop growing.
She looks at me and smiles and says something along these lines, "I'm trying mom but it's just not working, my hands just keep getting bigger!"

Lydia is independent.

Possibly a little sassy.
(no help from me on that pose!  :))

It took me 15 minutes on the 1st day of school to convince her that, "Yes, I would be walking her in to class."

Her argument was this...
  "Look mom, I'm 3, that's big, I'll be just fine, I know the way!  you can just stay in the car and then come home and be lonely with ALL the sisters at school."

She's my baby and I don't know... I want her to be excited for school.
But then, I guess I want her to miss me just a smidge...

So when I asked if I could hold her hand while we walked in and she said, "Nope, I'm safe on the sidewalk mom and there's not much room."

It was a little stab to my heart.
(and yes I held it anyway!!)

My babies are growing up and there's not a darn thing I can do about it.
Love you girls!
Hope this year is fabulous.