Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jadyn's 7th Birthday...

The last of our summer babies had their birthday...

Little Jady...

turned 7...

My heart is breaking... :(

Jadyn is one of a kind!  She keeps us laughing everyday.  She is fun to have around, sweet, caring, great at so many things, a joy really!

Jadyn woke up to a room decorated for her by Saige.

She had lunch @ Costa Vida with Tayler.

And then had her "friend party" at the JumpZone.
Too bad lots of her friends were out of town for her party.
But she sure had fun with the ones that were there.

Poor Halle only stayed for a little bit...
she went home with a tummy ache. :(

There was a lot of energy burned on those mats!

After 90 minutes of jumping...
it was time for presents.

There was cake and ice cream of course...

That night Shane took the girls to the aquatic center for a couple of hours.

Then home for presents with the family.

But one of Jadyn's favorite presents came from Nate.
He gets the "best friend award"... he brought her a fish... and all things fish like.  Goldfish crackers, gummy fish, fish balloons etc.

Not saying I was super excited about the actual fish.
Funny thing is we have been trying to get rid of the fish that we have had for 1 1/2 years.
It just won't die.


I put the new fish in with the old fish.
And o no... Jadyn and Lydi came running in the next morning to tell me that the "new fish" was dead.


We decided we would go get another one when we get home from Bear Lake to replace it.
Except the next morning they ran in to tell me that the "old fish" was floating too.

So thanks Nate, we got our wish.  Nobody has to take care of our fish while we are off at Bear Lake.

(I'm really not that mean, we told her we would still go get one for her when we get home!)

Love you Jady!
Hope your 7th Birthday and the next year are FABULOUS!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

What we did in June...

Can't believe it is already the end of July!

Where does time go?

People ask me all the time what we have done this summer...
I say we have been busy.
But... we really haven't been that many places as a family.
The older girls have been off on camps etc.

So it got me thinking... what have we done this summer?

So here's a recap of June...
(besides the dance reviews, Saige's Birthday and our family reunion...)

Jadyn lost her 1st tooth!

Tayler had a "SV cheer car wash"

She woke up bright and early for 7 am practice everyday and we watched her cheer for the 1st time at "camp"

She got her cheer pictures back...


I had a birthday...

And there was Father's Day
Love these 2 guys!!

A picture with their Daddy @ church.

And not sure who came up with this brilliant idea.
But we all brought pies.
And there was a  slice of pie for every guy in the ward...
Pretty cool!

Shane went with these 2 to Girls Camp...
His 5th year.
Only 15 more to go!

Sweet little Elle was born to Andy and Missy.
She's kindof loved!

This little hat that Elle is wearing was made by this cutie.
Every little bit of it.
She was super happy to see her wearing it!

Saige did some golfing with her dad @ Sherwood Hills.

We walked along the river one night.

The girls went to Grayson's birthday party at the fun park.

We drove up to Idaho Falls for Jordan's mission farewell.
He is serving in the Tacoma Washington Mission.
Go get em' Jord!

Tayler ran RAGNAR
12 friends...
198.3 miles.
She's not a runner... so we were super proud of her.
It was hard.

She had an amazing experience including seeing her Aunt Kasey and Cousin Gage at the exact moment that she needed them... 
in her 3rd 6-mile leg that she wasn't sure she could finish.  
But Gage told her "we're going to finish this together" and he ran the last mile with her.
She didn't even know they were running,
and seeing them in the midst of 17,000 runners,
right after praying for help.

Yeah... it was not a coincidence.
A Tender Mercy that I hope she always remembers.

Her van friends...

And crossing the finish line all together...
What a great group of friends!

And why'd she do it?
Well she might not admit it, but possibly because of a cute boy...
But she'll say it was for this...

A RAGNAR 2013 sticker...
that 17,000 other people have.

This summer has been filled with endless sleepovers...
at least the 3 little ones sleep somewhere together.

They are loving playing together.
And they play so good.
Endless fort building, American Girls, Tea Parties etc.
The transition back to school is NOT going to be easy for my little Lydia, when her friends aren't around 24/7!!

So yeah June was fun...
And filled with just the right amount of busyness!