Friday, June 21, 2013

Cheer Pics...

A sneak peek of pictures Tay's cute cheer squad had taken this week.

Absolutely Adorable.  :)

I got to stay with the girls as a "chaperone" last night for the last night of cheer camp. 
These girls are sweet, kind, considerate and gorgeous!
They are becoming life-long friends.

So excited for her.
Funny thing the other chaperone and I stayed up till 4:30 AM chatting,
pretty sure all the "girls rooms" were asleep by 12:30...
And 7:30 rolled around really fast! :)

I needed a nap...

Tay's sleeping on the grass on the side of the road tonight after running her 1st leg for RAGNAR.
I packed for her and she called to see if I had sent a sleeping bag.
Oops... only sent two thin blankets and a pillow pet.
She's going to FREEZE...
So I won't complain about my lack of sleep.
Sorry Tay. :(

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dance Review 2013...

Dance Review week is over...
Possibly the busiest most stressful week as a mother of 4 dancers.
20+ hours of practice.
3 nights of reviews

Then add in Girls Camp that Shane drove Tayler and Saige back and forth to in between (an hour away).
O, and they had to be back for cheer practice for Tay every morning @ 7...
And cheer pictures that made her late for the review one night.
And a cheer car wash.

Of course both Tayler and Saige got sick...
And Tay may or may not have had a couple breakdowns from the stress and lack of sleep.
She's off to Cheer Camp this week... and Thursday we will drive fast to catch up with her van as she is running RAGNAR the day camp ends.
Guaranteed she will be ready for a nap by Saturday!!

 Sure enjoyed watching these beauties this week though.
I posted this on Instagram and said something like...

10 dance lessons per week...  $$$
A billion gallons of gas to get them there...  $$$
22 dances/costumes...  $$$
Watching my girls perform and do what they love for the next three nights...  PRICELESS!!

Based on the breakdown Shane had the other day...
He isn't so sure it is PRICELESS!  :)

Possibly the 100 people who pointed out at the review how much it must cost to have 4 daughters in dance got him thinking WAY too much.

It's best to not bring it up people!!!

Sorry for the
But I like these girls.
I missed taking pics of Tay's Pointe, Ballet, class number and finale costumes.  :(  OOPS







Gosh I love those girls!!!