Wednesday, May 29, 2013

San Antonio...

What could be better than a long weekend with friends?
Not much... :)
Two weeks ago we left our girls in the care of our adorable neice Paige,
and headed for San Antonio.
We had a pretty awesome time together as friends...
Exploring the riverwalk...
Staying here...

Eating delicious food...

and Blue Bell ice cream (thanks for all the advice Rebecca :))
Learning lots at the Alamo...
"Remember the Alamo"?
I didn't...
But now I do!
Going on a walking "ghost tour" of San Antonio.
That was a fun look @ some of the sights.
Renting bikes for the day.
We loved the convenient drop-off spots all over.
We explored the King Williams Historic District this way, and stopped by a "mission".
Must admit I can't imagine riding bikes much later in the season.

Having foot and body massages...
I loved it.
Shane not so much.
We had so much fun together exploring San Antonio.

We finished out the weekend with the Armed Forces Parade on the river.
And our girls didn't even miss us...
So... time to plan us another adventure Lisa!  :)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

SV Missionaries...

Another reason why I love where I live...
We are surrounded by greatness.

This video was made by SV seminary students include sweet Sammy from our ward. :)
It shows all 72 Sky View Seniors who have received their mission calls as of last week.

5 are from our ward.

Which brings the total to right around 20 serving/or waiting to leave right in our own fabulous ward.

The work is going forth!!


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mothers Day...

What a fabulous day Mother's Day was...

Beautiful, Sunny, sweet children and a good hubby pampering me, a BBQ with my momma (who just got home the day before from 3 weeks in Hawaii... rough...), a visit with Shane's mom.  Couldn't have asked for more.

From my girls cute cards made in church today I learned...

I am super good at weeding.
If I was a superhero my name would be... Angelena women, everything lady, super mom or mommy
I'm the happiest when... I'm shopping, when she kisses me and when I'm around Jadyn
and Lydia loves me because I'm pretty. :)

I'm a totally lucky mommy to have these 5 beautiful girls.

Tayler and Saige get a kick out of this guy...
They dedicated it to me. :)

Love you Mom, Hope you enjoyed your day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Regular days in May...

A beautiful spring day today!

Shane is off with Tayler and Saige @ a dance competition in Pocatello.

And Lydia and I were at soccer games for Kenna...

And Jadyn...

Kenna has always been our "aggressive sports player" in the family.  Always fun to watch her play.
(Actually most games have not been super pleasant... they've been FREEZING...  Like hide under a blanket freezing!)

Jadyn has pretty much been a "butterfly chaser", until last game when she decided she LOVED being a defender... she was tearing it up!! 

Totally proud of that girl!

On the way to the game she wanted to clarify that, "it is OK to push someone and make them fall down as long as I'm going for the ball right?"

It made me chuckle...

Speaking of fun stuff with Jadyn, there is nothing cuter than the "Opera for Children Program" that her teacher Miss Porter participates in.

Both her and Lydia can sing the whole 15 minute opera without music.

We know because we have heard it SEVERAL times. :)

They made a cute little cheer squad!!

Kenna impressed us at her orchestra concert...

and Lydia has discovered her love for drawing/painting!

And she learned how to melt my heart...

Ring the doorbell,
Have a bouquet of dandelions behind her back,
and then with the hugest cheese, pull them out in front of her and say,
"I picked all of these just for you mommy."
A rose can say "I love you".
An orchid can enthrall,
but a weed bouquet in a chubby fist,
 that is the best of all!

A pretty good way to start Mother's Day Weekend!!

Random March happenings...

Found a post I never posted hahaha

March was filled with lots of fun...

Like a ward ski night at Beaver...

and Shane took Kenna out of school for a "ski day" since he was off working on the Kansas Temple and had to miss her "school ski day".

The sun finally melted the snow... at least most of it and @ the balmy temperature of ALMOST 40 degrees the girls were totally happy to be out on their bikes!!

And enjoying picnics!

And feeding horses... Lydia's favorite!

Tayler was super excited that Sky View won "State" in Basketball this year... such a fun experience for her to be at all those exciting games!

St. Patrick's Day was also the day that we had our waffle party in honor of "Grandma Floris".

And this picture just cracks me up!

Fun Sunday nights with friends playing games...

A family that "stunts" together... stays together. :)

Tayler, Saige and Paige drove up to Idaho Falls to see their cousin Jordan open his mission call...
Heading to Tacoma Washington at the end of June!!
So proud of you Jordan. You'll be an amazing missionary!

Couldn't find the picture of Jordan, but here is cute Grayson.

 Cute sisters...

 Lydia has made friends with the Bobcat.
It seems like we are always at one of the girls 3 schools for some reason.
In fact every morning Lydia asks who's school we are going to today!

We always enjoy visits with Grandparents and are so happy that Grandma Falslev is home from the nursing home... and so is she!!

Grandpa Falslev always loves his "Lydia hugs."

Life is good...