Monday, April 29, 2013


Spring is filled with so much fun at our house...
Actually spring is just filled...
Like the calendar squares can't hold anymore filled.
And a 2 parent household can't get the kids where they need to be filled.

But so grateful that our girls have the opportunity to be involved in so many activities.

The dance competition season is drawing to a close, only one more to go.

Saige and Tayler each had 3 competitive numbers.

Saige in "Peace"


"All that Jazz"

"Set it Off"
They got to perform this one at a VERY difficult convention/competition... (NUVO)

Tayler danced to "Night of your Life"

The last comp was the 1st time performing this so no pictures. :)

Poison and Wine"

Kenna is thinking about doing "perfoming dance" next year.
The problem with our little Kenna is that she is awesome at everything that she does.
And right now she does everything...

Volleyball and

So she's going to have to give something up to do perfoming.
She tried out with her cute friend Talia for the school talent show and made it to the finals.
So proud of her... so proud of her desire to never give up... they did awesome!

Love you girls!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sky View????

21 years ago I was about ready to graduate as a super proud Logan High Grizzly...
Which is why I would have never dreamed that I would say this today...
Even still I feel like looking around to see who might beat me up when I say it.
OK here goes...
I'm a Sky View High School fan.

Yes I'm a traitor.
I married a SV boy.
And went to and loved Logan High.
And have fought with him for years about the "better school".
But I'm SO outnumbered at my house!
And NEVER in a million years thought that I would actually cheer for SV over LHS... 

I should have known that this might happen when Shane forced me to live in the "country".

But truthfully it's like this.
I don't know kids that go to Logan,
I know the Sky View kids,
I admire the awesome youth in our ward... that go to Sky View.
My daughter is SO happy at that school.
Her amazing friends go to Sky View.

And now our Tayler is a...
so yeah.  I'm a Bobcat Fan!!

Going to be attending lots of sporting events I guess.  :)

It was a stressful two week tryout process that started with 40 girls.  Judges cut it down to 24 after the 1st week.  Then posters were made and displayed at school.

We used these cute pics on her poster.

The remaining 24 then tried out the next day in front of the school with their dance/cheer and individual introductions.
All those girls were so brave to put themselves out there.

Tayler was pretty nervous about what she had decided to do for her intro...
She dressed up in a "Peanut Costume".
Went out and introduced herself with something like this.
"I want to tell you about myself in a "nut shell".
There are 3 reasons you should vote for me.
1st I"m "nuts" about Sky View.
2nd I'll be your "nutty buddy"
and 3rd... I don't need a 3rd reason, I'm standing in front of my entire studentbody wearing a "nut suit" you'd be "nuts" not to vote for me.

It was obviously memorable because people throughout the week told her they didn't even know who she was but that they were definitely voting for the "nut girl".  :)

And then after waiting and stressing for 3 more days I got the text to come to the assembly.
I had been waiting all day knowing that I was either going to be picking up a very sad girl before the cheer/exec introduction assembly, or going to the assembly to see a very happy girl.
I think I was more nervous than her!

It was a little bitter sweet knowing that 8 girls were heart broken. :(

And she was super sad for a couple good friends that didn't make it on exec for next year too.

But she's totally excited to be cheering with her cute friend Liza...

And she's excited to get to know the other 14 girls better too.

What a fun experience for her.  We love her lots and are o so proud of the girls she is.

I have yet to wear anything that says Sky View on it...
that sounds like a really big step...
but stranger things have happened. :)

and PS...
Dear Mother... I know you raised me better than this...
but at least I don't cheer for BYU... right???  :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter Fun!

I love Spring... I love Easter...  and I love this Easter message from my "favorite" apostle, Elder Holland given a few years back.

 Somehow he speaks to my soul... every single conference!!
Last week was no exception.

Our Easter weekend was fun and busy.
We decided to get a late start to California so we could stay for Sacrament Meeting.  So glad we did.

Have I ever mentioned that I love my girls?

There was Egg dyeing that weekend.
We did 8 dozen...
and passed them around to neighbors and friends since we left town the next day. :)

Lydia was quite concerned about her "green" hands.

And Tayler was quite concerned about the entire cup of green dye that Lydia knocked off the counter that splattered everywhere... even on her favorite pants that we told her she should change... just in case.
Mother knows best.  :)
And she loves me even more because I saved those pants with my great motherly washing skills!

While I packed for Califonia Shane took the little girls all over for egg hunts...

for cousin fun @ the Olson's...

to Lee's...
Josh told Jadyn the night before that he was going to be the Easter bunny and asked if she would come to see him.

Jadyn is still not sure about things like that.  And she told him, "O we are so busy tomorrow packing and cleaning I don't think we will be able to make it."  He then asked her if Lydia could come, "Nope she's super busy too."  haha because Lydia and Jadyn are totally "helpful" when it comes to packing and cleaning!  :)

We found some "time" and Jadyn was actually calm around "Josh the Easter Bunny".

They also had fun at the Elk Ridge Easter Egg Hunt.

Where Jadyn apparently was fine with another Easter Bunny... but Lydia doesn't look so sure.  haha

They had fun playing with "Chubbington" at the Heaps.

And holding chicks @ Sam's Club

Did I mention that I love Spring!!
Goodbye winter... please don't snow on my super green grass again!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Newport Beach California...

Two months since I posted anything...
I've got some catching up to do.

Starting with Spring Break last week.  :)

Nothing could have better than a relaxing week in Newport Beach CA with some of our favorites, in this adorable beach house... plenty big enough for all 15 of us to spread out in.

 The drive was uneventful.  Quite pleasant actually... looked a lot like this most of the way.

We arrived Monday afternoon with the Carlsen's after a stay in "Viva Las Vegas" as Lydia called it.
Unpacked our stuff and headed right to the beach for the afternoon.
It was definitely not hot... pretty breezy... the water was freezing... but the sun was shining and none of us cared much about the 1st three things on the list...

We were at the beach... and totally happy to be soaking in the Vitamin D!!!

We spent a good part of the day there for 5 days straight.
(Picture overload warning) :)

But honestly is there anything more wonderful than watching your kids playing together.
Getting pummeled by waves.
Body surfing.
Building sandcastles.
Burying each other in the sand.
Marveling at the vastness and power of the ocean.
Seeing dolphins and seals playing in the water.
And hearing the crashing waves?
I think not!

Of course there were jumping pics...

And Best Friend pics..


And just plain adorable pics...

 It was perfect...  and proof it was a little chilly.

When Joe and Lisa arrived on Wednesday Joe came to the beach like this...
Lisa and Kyler are pretending they're not with him. :)

 Speaking of Kyler... so happy to have him home from his mission to Hungary.
For 2 years on our vacations we could go long stretches of time without eating.  He's back... and reminds us when it's time to eat.
Shane is glad he is back... because he really likes to eat!

Missed Josh though who was being a good "student" and didn't come since it wasn't USU's spring break. :(

One day we all rented bikes and rode all the way from Newport Beach to Huntington Beach... about 15 miles round trip.  Probably the highlight of the trip for most of us.
It was so beautiful, and a blast.

And yeah, you couldn't miss us!

 Lydia enjoyed her perfect view in the front of me.

 Jadyn and Shane rode on this tandem bike.

And Joe didn't ride this way for long... :)

It was super fun!  The girls all want "Cruiser Bikes" now... I would imagine they aren't nearly as fun with any type of a hill!

We spent each night playing games together and watching a few movies.
And hearing really high pitched "girl laughter." Way late into the night...  (Kelsee/Tayler)

We took a 2 minute ferry to Balboa Island. :)

Rode this cute ferris wheel.

Shane was a good sport... even tried picking out stuff for the girls.
Unfortunately they don't need help with that.
Jadyn was SUPER excited that she got to "try stuff on."  Apparently she went in the dressing room with Tayler and said, "Now Tayler I've never done this before... so I just put this on?"  We got a good chuckle out of that.  :) I guess I've always just bought stuff and returned it if it didn't fit...  She felt like a princess modeling her stuff.

And the little ones were excited about this carousel at one of the malls.

 We had a great time just walking around and seeing all the fun beach houses and 30' by 100' lots selling for MILLIONS!

We enjoyed beautiful sunsets.

Ate yummy food.

Had fun on the pier.

Made smores on the beach...  totally something on my bucket list!
We headed out one night just after 10... just in time to get the fire started.
And hear them announce that the beach was now closed.  :(

So we tried again the next night with better success.

It was a fabulously successful week.
One we won't soon forget.

 Especially grateful for my cute family.
And my awesome hubby.

And fun loving, easy going friends to travel with.

I must admit waking up to that snowy blizzard yesterday...
made me wonder why we came home!