Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Fun...

Always so many fun things to do in the fall...
Still somehow it is not my favorite time of the year.  It's beautiful of course but I always have to re-evaluate my life in the fall and pull myself out of some sort of a weird slump where I feel like I am just getting through each day instead of tackling the world.  Am I the only one???
And then winter comes...

So maybe in about May I'll be ready to tackle the world...  :)

But it doesn't mean I've been able to sit around in my PJ's all day or anything!

In the last month we...

Went to the USU Homecoming Parade.
Some of us watched...

Some of us danced...

Shane and I went to the game that day...

It was the "white-out" game... and ya we were the idiots sitting on the other side in navy shirts!
Miscommunication I guess but I am sure I told Shane we were going to buy the shirts right before the game and then of course we were running late and didn't have time...
as if we couldn't have just worn a white shirt!! Embarrassing!!

The night before I went to my Aggiette/Spirit Squad reunion.

I was a little nervous about it...  but it was really fun.
And great to see and honor my sweet advisor Linda Zimmerman.
Honestly I think she is the most amazing women ever.
So kind and giving.  A heart of gold who remembers and greets me every time I see her around town.
I always feel like I need to "introduce" myself or something... thinking of how many people she has coached over the years.  But no... she remembers me, mentions Shane by name and asks how my daughters are doing, even remembering some of their names.
So genuine...Love her...
one of the girls made this amazing quilt for her out of uniforms throughout the last 20 years.

Kenna and Jady danced at the Sky View game for "mini-vistauns".
Shane felt like he was back in high school going to a Sky View game and seeing so many friends.
I reminded him that those in high school... namely our high school daughter... don't think of us as "being in high school"!!

Speaking of that daughter...
She is driving all over.
Doing much better I might add.
Except for a few incidents such as this one while golfing with her daddy... where she drove the golf cart into a ditch...

Apparently it was buried in the mud on the other side and was a bit embarrassing for Tayler AND Shane to have to have help to get out!!
Her biggest worry...  that she wants to get a job at Birch Creek one day and she's afraid they might remember her...

Kenna finished her volleyball season and loved it!!
Looking forward to starting up again in the next few weeks.
We spent UEA up at Bear Lake and had tons of fun doing not much of anything with the Carlsen's and the Astle's.  This is the one and only picture I took in those 4 days.  Lots of game playing, chatting and relaxing going on.

Kenna and Jadyn had "crazy hair day" at school

Lydia is just plain cute and entertaining!

We went to the Pumpkin Walk...

But left fairly quickly when it started pouring on us!!

Then there was the corn maze..

Saige got her braces on yesterday...
#shesecstatic (I'm totally hip with hashtags)

I think she looks pretty cute myself.

So grateful for amazing friends in Tayler's life.

And that they are so thoughtful to think of their sweet friend Lindsey who's Mom is battling cancer for the 2nd time.
They surprised her at school by wearing "I wear pink for Mindy" shirts.

And Kelsee and Collin are part of the family now pretty much.

I'm living vicariously through Tayler's and Saige's lifes... theirs is much more exciting than mine.  I'm not sure how it is possible that I get a good 45 minute run down of all the things that happened in their school day... every day.  But I love it and it's WAY more exciting than dishes and laundry!

Tayler is not very excited that her scoliosis is getting worse.
Time to visit Primary Childrens next month.
And she is not happy about the thought that she MIGHT have to wear a brace...
But I told her a brace is better than a rod down your spine right??

Slowly but surely we are working our way through our fall list!!

Thankful for my sweet family that I get to experience it with!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"School" pictures...

We spent a Sunday evening doing our "own school" pictures...
Cheaper than "school pics"...
with a little more personality too. :)

And I know I'm biased...
but I think all 5 of these girls are gorgeous!

This little one is cute as a button and filled with all kinds of personality!

This little one stands her own and knows exactly what she wants... and isn't afraid to tell you in a matter-o-fact sort of "sweet" way!

Our little Kenna is growing up into a beautiful young lady.  She has more friends than time to play with them...  the "door" is for her more than the rest of us combined!!

Saige is beautiful inside and out.  We couldn't be more proud of her.  A friend to all... a ray of sunshine.  Saige makes the world and of course our home a better, happier place!!

Tayler is freaking us "1st time high school parents" out just a little.  Too many boys... too many boys texting and flirting...  all day!  So glad she's such a good girl.  O, and that she let's me read "most" of those texts since she has as she says "nothing to hide".  And as one friend told me while watching her dance... "That Tayler of yours needs to be beat with an ugly stick to give the other girls a chance!!"

Love you girls!!