Thursday, September 27, 2012

Awesome Randomness...

Really a whole month since I posted last!
We are all settled in to our routine.
The kids all loving school.
Lydia's learned how to entertain herself pretty much all day.
It cracks me up to watch her play.
Shane is as busy as ever.
And I seem to be accomplishing... not much of anything... besides running girls to lessons.
Yep we're all in a routine!

This post will be long and filled with a whole bunch of randomness...
Kenna started volleyball.

She's enjoying that...
She's also excited that she just started playing the violin in her school's orchestra this year.
She's doing amazing at the piano so no doubt the violin will come easy to her too!
Feeling sad for the girl today since she is home sick and had to miss her field trip to the Great Salt Lake today. :(

Shane spent a good part of June/July working on the Brigham City Temple...
Working on a Temple close to home has it's advantages...
also disadvantages...  like they never HAD to be ready for him.  Meaning he drove through sardine dozens of times when they were ready with "one small area".

We were excited that we were able to attend a special tour of the Brigham Temple before the actual Open House though.  Complete with a really yummy "meal".

We brought a couple friends of Tay's and Paige and Poppa.
Shane and my Dad were kind of outnumbered...  :)

Apparently we were kind of spoiled.
No wait time at all and we had a really thorough tour, with time to sit and ponder.
What a gorgeous building.  So awesome to be able to experience that with our girls.  And to see Shane's workmanship too.

Shane had a funny experience the day before the dedication.  He went back for a repair and they were setting up all the tele-prompters for the dedication.
The guy needed help checking to see that they were working.
So he had Shane stand at the pulpit and read some one's talk.
It must have been in a different session than we went to... because he never heard it on Sunday. :)

Shane also spent a good chunk of Aug/September working on the Boise ID Temple.  20 days to be exact in 3 different trips.

We have finished off ALMOST everything on our Summer-To-Do-List.
The girls washed the car.

I wouldn't recommend them as car washers though.
It didn't look very clean... but they had fun.

Basically the only things on our list that we DIDN'T get done were things that involved food... like going for ice cream here or there.

10 of us participated and everyone lost at least some.  Yeah to everyone!!
We all put in $40 winner takes all, except runner up (me) who got their $ back.
I took it seriously.
Seriously wanted to win.
It's a WEGENER thing.
Still a little bitter that Jeff cheated just a little.
But that's just my opinion I guess!
my sis-in-law Kimi explains the challenge best here.

Jeff won.
But I was pretty proud of myself... because
I lost 16 pounds
That takes me back 3 babies to pre-Kenna size...
AND...  everyone notices and comments that they can tell that I lost weight so that should be good enough for me.
It's not...
I really hate not winning!

How did I do it...
Not more exercise.
I just ate less.
Still ate what I wanted just less of it.
Like one cookie instead of 5.
Cut out snacking.
And drank this for lunch most days.

That's "greentea HP" from the CV mall kiosk.
I don't know why but it worked for me. :)

And...  I really win because I've lost another pound since the challenge ended... he's up 5.  I don't want the $ just the "winning glory" Jeff!!!!!

Kenna put on a puppet show for us...  Complete with tickets AND a ticket booth.

We celebrated "Grandparents Day".
with a regular Sunday afternoon "breakfast".

Grandparent's Day is an annual tradition for us.
But we've been celebrating random holidays that Tay finds online this year too.
I was really looking forward to...
"Lazy mom day" a couple weeks ago.
Hmmm...  the girls weren't really into celebrating that one much.

Lydia has decided that Josh is her favorite friend...
I think she has a little crush on the boy. :)

So fun to watch him playing with our girls.

Tayler loves her new uke.

Tayler and Saige have had a blast on their "Homecoming dress up days" this week.
They are not shy.

Then there is wolfpack Wednesday...
Oh dear, never thought I would purchase a wolf shirt for my daughter!

 Here's what a shaving cream fight looks like...
Oh, and just for kicks here is what "totally disengaged" looks like.

busily back into all things Dance...

Last weekend we went to the "Tueller's Gala" to celebrate their 50th year in Dance.

It was fun to visit with everyone and reminisce about my years at Tueller's.
So grateful for all the memories I have from my 'teen years at Tueller's.
I love Mrs. T... always so fun to see her.
And grateful my girls are able to do what they love too.

Tomorrow is my Aggiette Reunion...
Throwing in a couple pics from the past... because this post is so long there probably aren't many that will actually see it!
And laughing that the style of these costumes are almost IDENTICAL to Saige's "Domino" costume last year!!

20 years!