Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School...

A mixture of emotions at Back to School time.
Sad that late summer nights and lazy days are over.
Excitement for those first few days of school.
Thankful for good friends and teachers for my girls.
I always think I am ready for a more scheduled life...  And then rethink it when there is no more room on the calendar to actually "schedule" it all!

I think they're glad to be back though.
Possibly more for the social aspect than the actual school stuff.

Tayler is a SOPHMORE and started HIGH SCHOOL and was all smiles after her first day of school...

Once again...
the social part...

(She was a little concerned that due to the "shaving cream fight" her and her friends had the day before she had "red eyes" and little scratches all over her face from the boys "attacking" her.  Serves her right I guess!)

Saige started 8th GRADE at the 8th-9th grade school.
It's a big, new experience at that school.

Saige seemed happy after her first day.
Saige ALWAYS has a funny first day of school experience to share with me when she gets home.  This year it was that she couldn't open her locker.  Tried and tried, finally a cute 9th grade friend stopped to help even though they were late to class.  She said, "Let's try the ones around it to make sure this is the right one. "  Sure enough she was one locker off.  What would we do without our cute "blond" daughter!!

Kenna is in 4TH GRADE!!

She is a little social butterfly.  ALWAYS a friend at the door or calling who wants to play.  School is no different, lots of fun little friends!  But she loves her teacher Mrs. Pettit, and tries hard in everything that she does pretty sure this will be a fabulous year!

Jadyn started 1ST GRADE!  All day school...  I thought that would be hard for her.  But after the first day I asked her if it seemed long.  She answered, "Um, no it really didn't seem long at all and this is going to be the BEST YEAR EVER!"

So she is completely happy with her teacher Miss Porter and everything else.

Kenna was a cutie and waited for her in the lunchroom so she would have someone to sit by on the 1st day of school.  Nothing better than sisters looking out for each other!

Lydia... poor Lydia is missing her sisters badly.
And thinking that her mother is totally lame because I don't know how to play with her like her sisters do.

We read lots of books.
And she took her FIRST nap of the entire summer that 1st day back at school!
I was that boring...

At about 11 she said, "I think they are done now, let's go get them, they've had enough!!"  When I told her we couldn't she got all sad and said, "but I need my sissies to play with me." 

Kenna made sure to tell me the night before school started all the things that Lydi would want to do while we they were gone.  And then set her up a marble maze in her room the 2nd day to keep her company.

I would definitely say that Lydia is having the hardest time of ANY of the girls with this whole "Back to School" stuff!!

And maybe me too.  I sent my 2 oldest texts both days saying that I missed them :(
It stings just a little that neither of them even replied!!!!  :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bear Lake...

Our last summer hoorah was 9 days at Bear Lake.

Doing very little, vegging in front of the TV, relaxing on the beach and playing at the pool.

Shane was there off and on... actually ended up there for 4 days which was longer than I thought he was going to be able to make it so we were happy about that.

Tayler had her friend Taitlin there with her for most of the week, Saige had Kaylee for a few days.  Then we headed home for church and Josh's homecoming before heading back up with different friends.  Kylie for Tay and Paige to entertain all of us. :)

I did some scrapbooking, but was so lazy that I never even picked up my camera.  Just mooched off of Tay's.  And pretended like I wasn't getting emails and phone calls that I didn't want to deal with.

The lake felt pretty great this late in the summer.

The girls ate plenty of ice cream...

 Had shaved ice...
And chilled in the hammock...
when they weren't off meeting boys or doing other teenage stuff like that.
One of the days Joe, Lisa and Josh came up and we rented wave runners.
The kids all loved it (minus Jadyn who didn't care for it much).

I was glad Lisa was a calm driver... but one ride was plenty for me.
Jadyn begged to go to "the diving board pool" everyday...
We switched off since the other pool is better for Lydi.
Lydi sure did love the slide!
Friday night the Carlsen's came up for the night, spent time with Kim's work the next day and then we all ate at one of our favorite Bear Lake places "Laketown Pizza".

More fun at the beach once Kylie and Paige were there.
(this is Lydia pulling her "crazy" face for the camera... she is too funny!)

 Pretty sure Kylie and Tay will ALWAYS remember these few days at Bear Lake.
It could have been the all-nighter they tried to pull... or it could have been something else...  :)

We rented this trampoline.  Jadyn did NOT like it at first, and it wasn't easy for me to get out there with the two little monkeys (one of which was freaking out... can you guess which one???).  But they all had fun and we were sad when our hour was up!!

Bear Lake...
the best place on earth.
And doing not much of anything can totally wear a person out!!

Thanks mom and dad for a fabulous place to make Bear Lake memories with our girls!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

She's {gasp} driving...

Totally been looking forward to the day when I could send Tay off to pick up her sisters at some lesson... mainly the 5 time a day dance drive that is starting up...

But I never thought about having to "teach" her to drive...
And see mine and my families lives pass before my eyes while doing it!

A month ago she got her permit...

And now all the sudden she wants to go with me everywhere.
In the driver's seat of course.

Although she really would prefer to go with her Dad who she says, "is much calmer than me."

I think ONCE she drove with me without me cursing...
This is the worst ever!
I want a pedal and a wheel on my side.  My heart beats like crazy at every turn she makes.  She laughs at me because sometimes she is like, "why are you clutching your seatbelt and shaking, I'm great at this."

Yah... she's NOT!!

I thought potty training was hard.
I think this is WORSE... much much worse!
And I cleaned up 3 disgusting potty accidents from a 2-year old who wasn't feeling so great yesterday.
So no one can tell me that I just don't "remember potty training."

I'm a lucky mom who is doing both at once!!

It's gonna be a long ride!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Things I missed in July...

Summer is flying by WAY too fast.
Some might be ready for kids to head back to school...
but I am NOT ready!
July was filled with tons of fun.
Besides New York, Trek, and 2 girls birthdays, I missed posting about some more stuff.
Jadyn's 6th Birthday!
That sadly I was NOT there for...
I was off in New York with the big girls.
And Jadyn was NOT very excited that I missed it... oh and that I didn't have any presents ready for her.
That was not a smart move on my part, but we did make a visit in NY to the American Girl Store and hauled her home a doll and accessories.
And Shane did great filling in, getting her a cake and inviting all the "big friends" over to celebrate.
The day after we got home she had her friend party at the Wood's pool.
That was a perfect idea!  And Jadyn had a fantastic time with lots and lots of adorable little friends.
Thanks DeeAnn

I loved how all the girls stayed in the pool,
and the boys wanted to warm up on the cement. :)

So lucky to have so many wonderful friends around for our girls.

And so grateful for the EFY program that Tayler attended with her bestie Kelsee.

They learned and grew lots spiritually...
but let's be honest.
I heard more about all the cute boys they were meeting and getting numbers from than anything else.
She got those braces off at the 1st of the month... and everything is starting to change.
I think Shane MAY be willing to pay to have them put back on for a few years! :)

We had a fun night together at the Whittier Park while Tay was off at EFY...

And Kenna and Jadyn loved having swimming lessons and chillin'at the pool after for a couple weeks...

We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon on our neighbor Claire's horses.


Jadyn was the most excited of all.
And didn't freak out one bit!
She even touched them.
So proud of you Jady... and thanks for making her so happy Claire!

 AND she didn't freak out when we went to "dress like a cow" day at Chik-fil-a either!!

 Although I did hear her muttering under her breath that...  "it's just a costume, it's just a costume."

We took a tour of "Aggie Ice Cream."

And of course had the world's best ice cream after!

Had picnics...

I found cute things like this going on...

This is Sunday morning, all the webkinz are sitting in their primary classes and Kenna is doing singing time. (You're teaching them well Deon) :)

We had some yummy shaved ice at a couple different places...

And Shane sent pictures like this of stuff they did while we were off in NY...

I had my 20th class reunion...
Just typing that makes me feel old!
But Yeah for Logan High Class of 92'

Wish I had brought my good camera for a better picture.
It was a fun night.
Funny how some people are unrecognizable...
and others are EXACTLY the same. :)

We had lots and lots of quality time with Cousins Paige and Tara...
but mainly Tara who slept over about every other night it seems.
But we loved having her and totally wish that she didn't have to live so darn far away!!
Miss you Tara, thanks for all the fun times, and don't forget how much our family loves you.

July was good.

We love summer.
Yesterday I mentioned the word "winter" to my girls.
And they told me not to use that "W" word around them again!!