Monday, April 16, 2012

San Diego...

We're back to normal  life...
and loving the beautiful spring weather around our neck of the woods.
But we also loved the week we had together in San Diego over Spring Break.
So happy to know that so many found Shane's day of fame just as humorous as us.

Before that "famous" moment we made a stop in St. George at "Anti-gravity".
It was a perfect stop to get all the wiggles out, and after an hour of jumping and flipping their little hearts out they were ready to get back in the car for more driving.

The place was FILLED with trampolines and bounce houses.
A kids dream.

The next day we were off for more driving and came upon this at a gas station.
What does that sign mean??? :)
If you can't read it... it says "No more than three unaccompanied minors in the store at one time."
We loved how Lydia and Saige were playing the part of the left-out unaccompanied minors...
We made it to San Diego and checked in here for the week...
And met up with our favorite traveling family the Carlsen's for a week of fun.
We were off to Old Town for yummy Mexican food and browsing at the shops.

We then headed to the Mormon Battalion Center.
It has been a few years since we went there and they have changed and improved it SO much.
We had a fabulous time...
It is now an interactive exhibit and something that the girls will totally remember.
They all loved panning for gold.

The next day we headed to Oceanside Beach...
the weather was perfect and completely beautiful.
Funny thing...
We ran into the Ahnder family and spent the day together... The kiddos had a blast together.

LOVE this picture... 

After a sufficient amount of time in the sun (more time than we should have since SOME of us were FRIED)  we drove along the coast and explored La Jolla.
 And made some new stinky friends...
 And drove by the San Diego Temple.

The next day was a day @ Sea World...
love Sea World...
The kids loved the rides especially Atlantis...  which of course I took a picture of about 10 cars coming down the big hill and some how missed our whole group!

Then there were all the fabulous shows...

And then we have those crazy kids who wanted to sit in the front row.  To get a "little" wet.  Tayler was the smartest and said no way.  She sat in the upper rows with the smart adults and the children too young to consent to that torture.

It went like this...
about 20 times.

So they didn't much mind going on the water rides the rest of the day. :)

They so wish that the dolphins would have come closer to them.

The girls all want that car...

We got plenty of smooshed pennies.

And had an all-together fabulous day together.
The next day we decided to do a little shopping at the Carlsbad outlets...
A little more shopping than Shane and Rusty were wanting so they took the little ones back a little early to swim.  We met up soon after.

A totally relaxing day.
Sadly the Carlsen's were off for a basketball tournament in Vegas so they had to leave us.

That next day we went to the San Diego Zoo.
It was lots of fun.
But really is any zoo worth paying $42/person for?????
(Luckily I was a smartie and had bought all our tickets ahead of time on ebay for lots less.)

It was a fun day... minus the fact that I {gasp}

and it TOTALLY broke :(... like a $350 "pretty sure we can fix-it" broke!

I was so sad...
my family was VERY quiet.
And my husband was very sweet and feeling bad for me.
I wonder if I would have shown as much compassion.

I know what I am hoping for for an early mothers day/birthday/Christmas combined gift...

I tried not to think about it...
but Kenna's little point and shoot just wasn't the same. :(
(But the pics don't look bad I guess.)

 Our family's favorites were probably the panda and koala bears.

Our last day was totally laid bakc.

More time at the pool.

With a very non-fearful child...

And then...
Shane was SO excited that he FINALLY got to go GOLFING!
Tay and Saige went along with him...

He was in heaven...

We had a fabulous time in San Diego.  More memories to file away in that "happy moments" spot.

The ride home was long, but not nearly as bad as we thought it might be driving straight through.  We had another night left on our timeshare but left early so we could be home for Easter.
We were glad we were able to spend that fabulous day reflecting on Christ.
His sacrifices for us.
His love for us.
His desire for us to be more like Him.
It's something we all should think more deeply about everyday... not just Easter.