Sunday, February 28, 2010

A new hobby...

Well I finally did it... I produced my very first digital scrapbooking layout.  I've been thinking about "making the switch" for quite sometime.  And in the last weeks I have spent hours and hours downloading all the "freebies" I can find.  (Just because I'm that kindof a girl... CHEAP!)  I found this free template here, found some cute pictures that my awesome Tayler took and went to work...  LOTS of hours later I came up with this.  I'm sure that eventually I will get faster... but it's not as easy as it looks!

(A big thanks to my friends and our "Friday Morning Elements Class" for all the tips!)

But truly this all came about because of my husband...  Sometimes husbands get themselves into a lot of trouble.  My poor, sweet husband does that a lot - I think it has something to do with him being in his "Nothing" box too much. 

What is the "Nothing" box you may ask, well it's kindof a joke around our group of friends... but, when you ask a woman what they are thinking... they are ALWAYS thinking something...  a man on the other hand will say "I'm not thinking anything."  We as women tend to not believe them...  but "psychologists" tell us that it is actually true... men have a "Nothing" box...  when it's open there is honestly... "nothing" going on in it... and most men will openly admit that!!

Shane was definitely in that very box when he asked me this profound and intriguing question...

"Ang, I was talking with "so-n-so" the other day and we were discussing what our wife's do to relax... like what their hobbies are... and I really couldn't think of any for you...  So... what are your hobbies?"

Um.....................  EXCUSE ME! 

Did you just ask your wife... of 16 years mind you... who has more hobbies than she can count... and stays up until the wee hours of the morning...  to have time to participate in those hobbies... if she has any hobbies???   Is it just me??? or is that more like something you ask someone on a first date???

I wasn't a pleased wife!  I referred him to the "About me" section on this very blog so he could "refresh his memory" on a few of those hobbies! 

After my initial freakout... I did sortof know what he meant... that is after I thought of the "Nothing Box" thing.  See in his mind a hobby is something that "relaxes" you... And admittedly sometimes I'll be working on a project that I want to finish for whatever reason and I stay up late to do that, or I want to be "caught up" with this or that... and I seem even more stressed than when I started whatever it was... but it's still my hobby.

...Long story short... wouldn't you agree that it was a PERFECT excuse to buy me an SLR camera last month... because after all I needed a hobby... so I signed up for photo-classes (starting next week) to teach me how to use that camera and to take better pictures and got into digital scrapbooking... :)

All because of that "Nothing Box"!

I love you Shane... even with that Nothing Box... you truly are the ultimate hobby for me!! :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Doctor Visits...

She's a cutie isn't she???
Usually a happy, chatty, go with the flow girl... unless it's time to visit the Doctor...

Today... not such a great moment for my little Jadyn.  We went to the Ear/Nose/Throat Dr. for a very simple check of her tubes...

I knew it was going to be rough... especially when she clutched my leg just walking IN to the office.  The freak out to get on the scale... another clue. 
I would have taken a picture of this exciting occasion, but my arms... and legs were tied up around her.  As well as the nurses... while the Dr. LOOKED in her ears.  Can you picture it??? 
And if you are wondering what it sounded like... I would imagine a patient having major surgery WITHOUT pain killers wouldn't have screamed that loud!!  Apparently all is well in there, but he said we could take them out now (it's been 2 years) or wait another year and see if they fall out...  UMMMMM  obvious answer to that one... we'll wait!! 

I made Shane take her to get her flu shot back in November... I thought he should have that exciting experience with her...  You know... a little Daddy/Daughter bonding time!  (Basically he's stronger than me!)  She needs to go back in for the booster, but neither of us will do it!  We'll pretty much pay someone to take that job... any takers??
The Dentist... no better, we tried last month... didn't even get a peek in that clenched jaw.  Amazing how she could still scream like she did though.  The Dentist decided it wasn't worth trying, pretty sure he was just afraid she would bite his finger off if he actually did get in there!!
The above event was followed by our tax appointment... never an exciting experience for the "self-employed" folks out there. :(  (Insert audible gasp... when told the damage!)
Then it was time for Lydia's 2-month appt... (I left Jadyn home with Tayler for that one, although she did sweetly tell Lydia that her shots wouldn't hurt that bad....??????) 

Our little Lydia is peanut sized!!

Somehow she looks lots bigger in pictures, but she weighed in @ a whopping 9 lbs 12 oz!  8th percentile!  That's only 7 oz bigger than Saige AT BIRTH!  The Doctor said it was time to switch formulas...  She is a spitter...  luckily a happy spitter... hence the nickname "Spitty Lydi"... but he says she's not getting enough.  I told him we're just trying to keep her little!  :)

Poor thing only cried for a second with the 3 shots... but she is sad, sad, sad tonight!

Here's hoping tomorrow is filled with less excitement!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine's...

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

6 weeks...

We kindof like this little thing around our house.

Could anything be sweeter than a big cheese like that!!

Fun, Fun, Fun...  and she slept 8 1/2 hrs last night too!
She's a keeper!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Modern Day Miracle...

Last week I received an e-mail from a friend requesting that I pray for her friends' 16 month old little boy.  He drowned in their bathtub a week ago Saturday… was without a pulse for at least 11 minutes… and since has slowly been recovering to where she announced yesterday that he is awake and miraculously responding to everything.

If anyone needs a good cry and a reminder to hold our little ones a little tighter… and proof that miracles happen…. Read this…

(If you scroll down to February 1st that is where she writes about how this tragedy happened.  I would suggest you have a tissue box handy...  I'm postpartum so I needed two. :))