Friday, January 8, 2010


I am so grateful...  Grateful for sweet friends and neighbors who love us and help in "unasked" for ways.  Like offering to take my turn driving the carpools for a while... having Jadyn over for "Special Playdates"... delicious food that just keeps coming... and hearfelt congratulations.  I'm also so grateful  for my five beautiful daughters and an awesome husband who they call Daddy.  I love to see Shane with his girls... and love to see him back in his element with a baby...  His greatest joy is snuggling a newborn baby... it makes me so happy to see the two of them together!

Life is good and calm at our house... Lydia is a great sleeper... and a totally calm little joy.  (Right here my sister is rolling her eyes that I got yet another baby like that...  She always tells me that I need a "REAL" baby... But I'm totally content with my fake ones. :))

Today we got the pictures that were taken of the older girls last week with Lydia's...  They turned out great too.  Obviously Jadyn wasn't real excited about the idea of pictures... but they look fabulous anyway!

I LOVE those girls!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sweet as can be!

I am love, love, loving having a new little one in our home!  What a great way to start the new year...  a little miracle that puts life in perspective... that is just what I needed!!  She is perfect, adorable, sweet, mellow and completely yummy!  It was so nice to get home from the hospital after a very uneventful and seriously relaxing labor... (can we give a big shout-out for epidurals!!) 

The girls were soooo excited to see thier new sister...  the hospital has the "no children rule" which REALLY made my girls angry... so you can imagine how excited they all were when we got home the next day.  We needed some sort of a timer going since our little Lydia was getting mauled by all her sisters who kept saying it's my turn now!  (Shane stole her away for a minute and shut the bedroom door just so we could have a few minutes with her!)  Our little Lydia doesn't get much "down time"...  pretty much because no one ever SETS HER DOWN!! :)

But truly it is wonderful to have so many little helping hands around our house... and combine that with all our wonderful neighbors and yummy meals we have had... and still have lined up... the transition has been fantastic... (minus the weepy part which I think is over now... :)).  I will be missing having all my kids home with me when they head to school tomorrow!  And they will be having baby withdrawals too!

Jadyn seems to have no jealousy about little Lydia... except that she was a little bugged that she didn't get to have a "sleepover" next to her basket in our room the first night!!  But she thinks she's wonderful and that we should have LOTS of babies!!  And I still love her as much as ever even though the very first thing she said to me when she saw me home from the hospital was, "Are you going to have another one mom?"  And then she patted my tummy...  kids... they speak what no one else dares... and we still love them for it!!  (She did totally embarrass me last month when she asked someone who came to pick up vinyl if they were having a baby... the lady said, "no, does it look like I'm having a baby?"  Jadyn replied quickly "YES!"  I tried to cover with something like, "Oh, she thinks all ladies are having babies..."  but sometimes there's just not much you can say....)

Yesterday Melissa Martinson with Simply Be Photography came and did pictures of our little angel...  We couldn't be happier with the results and can't wait to see the others and the ones of the older girls too.  She was fabulous... she was here for 2 hours working with little Lydia... I would highly recommend her!  Check out her blog and website... and don't forget to mention that I sent you... she does a referral program and I will definetly be using her again!!

Could she be any cuter????
We think she's Dreamy!!

SCRUMPTIOUS and PERFECT all at the same time!!!