Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lydia Isabelle

Today we welcomed a new member into our family.  Her name is Lydia Isabelle, and she weighs 7lbs. 4oz. She is 19 in. long.  Our smallest baby!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


What a great Christmas Season we had at our house...  Full and eventful like I'm sure your house was.  But at the same time a little more relaxed for me... I was prepared not knowing if a baby would come early.  But she didn't... which was OK with us! 

Our Christmas was fantastic, I love, love, love being with my little family and seeing the excitement through their eyes on Christmas morning.  This Christmas Eve was a little different for us because all my siblings either weren't in town yet, had to work etc.  So we did things different... we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner!  It was fabulous!  We treated my parents to an early B-day present for my Dad... had no mess... and a great time.  We did feel bad about not doing the traditional nativity, chimes tradition that we normally do.  But we ate early and spent the evening reading Christmas stories together.  The kids were excited for their annual PJ's on Christmas Eve..And they all slept in Tayler's room....

Santa definitely found us this year..  And the girls couldn't have been happier!

Shane and I got a King bed on Christmas Eve... so Tayler got new bedding to go on our old queen bed that we moved to her room.

And seriously I don't want to put this picture on here... because I am way past the, "Oh, what a cute belly you have stage."  But here goes...

 Even the baby got cool new stuff!!  And yes we just call her "baby" because we haven't agreed on a name!!  One of us likes Lydia... the other Ava.  I won't say which one likes what... so feel free to express your opinion in the comments!!

Christmas dinner was at our house that evening.  There were 20 of us... actually quite small considering we were missing 3 of my siblings and their families.  But I decided I much prefer having Christmas Eve dinner with the fam on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas night.  It was a rush to get all of our stuff cleaned up and  I was tired... yes it could have to do with the fact that I am 9 months pregnant... :)

But all in all it was fabulous!!  I hope yours was too!

Our next big adventure will begin on Tues. morning when we will head to the hospital to be induced with our little one.  I can hardly wait to see that little face... and those little toes... and those little fingers...!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

What we've been up to...

So it seems that every blogger seems "behind", it's time to play catch up with us too!  November was a great (and VERY busy month!)  My vinyl sale was a success and I am excited to say that from the 60 orders I was backed up with that weekend I am now down to only 3. PHEW!  I am sooooo  ready for a break!!

Besides that stuff we have been to lots of Aggie B-ball games.... we all LOVE those!  Go AGGIES!!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving Dinner at my parents house!!  I made that darn pretzel salad that I made last year...  I think my mother assigns me that just to keep me humble.  Yes, I boiled the jello this time, but I put it on while it was hot and it didn't work again!  Luckily the 2nd batch did!  Now that I have it down... just assign me that every year... I feel confident now!!

The kids had a great time with their cousins that were there...

Abi and Skye


Throughout the month of November, our family enjoyed sharing something that we were grateful for each night. It was fun to write them down and see the what we all came up with.

We truly are blessed!

Shane took Tayler and Saige with him to find the "Perfect Christmas Tree".  I didn't feel like riding 4-wheelers at this stage in my pregnancy :), so Jadyn, Kenna and I stayed home.  They searched and searched and FINALLY found one that would work for us.  I think they did a pretty awesome job... and even got one with a nest in it...  Which some people say signifies an upcoming year of good luck!!

The week before Thanksgiving a group of friends decided to go to "New Moon" with our hubbies on opening night.  We got tickets, went to dinner, and I was just NOT feeling well.  After about a 1/2 hour I left the theatre in severe pain... pretty much sure I was having contractions and that our little one was planning an early entry...  So I basically "crawled" back in to the theatre to get Shane to take me home... he did...  I told him I probably just needed to lie down for a while and maybe they would stop.  So...  this is in all seriousness now...  Shane left me (curled up in a ball on the bed)... to go back to watch "New Moon"!  Yes, it was at my insistance... and we hadn't driven that night so he had to get the car back to our friends at the movie anyway.  But not many people can say that their husband has seen "New Moon" and they haven't...  But I can!!

After a couple of hours I felt better...  felt fine all the next day too... until night came again and the same thing happened only this time I was sure it was labor, every symptom...  So we went to Labor and Delivery... where they rushed me in only to tell me that I wasn't even contracting...  What the crap... seriously I thought I was going to die of pain!  They never gave us a definite answer...  possibly kidney stones... possible gastrointestinal (just what everyone wants to be told when they go to the HOSPITAL!)  It was weird... I was finally given anti-biotics and what ever it was seemed to clear up... but not fun at all!

But speaking of baby coming we are almost ready!!  The girls and I have been making lots of fun stuff... today we made bracelets, the girls have been making hats, Tayler and I learned to crochet and we are making those cute little "cocoons" that are usually used for photo props.  The room is ready and all the stuff is out...  we are all getting excited to snuggle a little one!  At this point it looks like I will be started on Dec. 29th...  only 3 weeks away!!  YIPPEE!

Friday we went to "Fantasy at the Bay" @ Willard Bay.  It's a fun little light display and none of us liked it more than our little Jadyn.  She was ecstatic and loving every single display.  We drove through it twice very slowly... and she never stopped oohing and aahing.  Nothing can be better than seeing the magic of Christmas through a little ones eyes!

What a wonderful time of year!!