Friday, October 23, 2009

Sleep tight...

Some say a picture is worth a thousand words... I have to agree since this is what I found a couple of minutes ago!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things I missed from September....

Here were some things I missed blogging about in September...

We went to our first Sky View Football Game as a family... A little odd... I actually cheered for Sky View... (Gasp)... And I liked it! I'm still a "Logan" fan down deep... but I know the kids at Sky View... not Logan... and I'm outnumbered by Sky View fans in my house... PLUS our great friends the Carlsen's have an amazing quarterback son named Kyler... We had a great time... Jadyn wanted to hug her good buddy Kyler after the game... She did... but was a little confused by the football pads... we liked her confused face and comment of... "wow... Kyler is BIG!"

I've had a great time with my little buddy Jadyn during the days. She loves school now... and has fun in her playgroup too. But she is so much fun to have around. She is always happy and she makes me happy! I'm totally serious about that... this little thing has NEVER had a tantrum! In the store she doesn't ask for anything... but she may look at candy in the aisle and say, "Mama... maybe tomorrow we could get some of those." And that's the end of it! She is semi unto a vampire though! That kid needs no sleep... the other night @ 1 AM we videod her playing and chatting in her room. When we asked her what she was doing she said, "Just doin' a few puzzles..." We went to bed... in the morning the puzzles were done and her toys were all put in their "proper places." She pretty much ALWAYS gets her way around our house!! But look at her... could you say no to that face???

Me either!!
This next pic is actually from August, but I love it... At Tay's back-to-school night I was doing PTA stuff... so Tayler asked her Daddy to help her "decorate" her locker. I'm sure this is exactly how Shane had his locker back in middle school! :)
Tayler and Saige went to the USU Homecoming Parade... They got to cheer on their Poppa... Tony Wegener who is running for Logan City Council! Go Dad!!
Later that day we went to the Ag Bbq and to the Football Game that evening. It was a perfect night for football... and we WON... I was a doubter! The game was fun... we missed Shane that day though... he was off in Boise working on the Temple.

We were also happy to see Jeff & Kimi for a few days... and were glad they fit us in for a game of Hearts...

We had Grandma and Poppa over for dinner on "Grandparents Day"... That is a fun tradition that our girls enjoy... and I think Grandparents think is pretty cool too :).

And that was September in a nutshell!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What I learned today....

When the kitchen sink is clogged from too many "Peels from the Harvest", and you are waiting for your hubby to use the plunger in it... Which he informs you he will not use because it is disgusting to use a toilet plunger in the sink (totally agree with that) so he is going to make a run to Home Depot to get a "special Kitchen one"... DON'T turn on the dishwasher... (I would insert the photo that was NOT taken here... but we were pretty much freaking out about the foamy water that was clear across the kitchen!) Apparently the dishwasher doesn't work well with a clogged sink!! LESSON LEARNED! Thank heavens we were home! On the bright side their are no more dust bunnies behind the fridge, oven or dishwasher...!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A crafty week...

Another month has slipped away... how time flies!! Although I wasn't ready for my girls to go back to school last month... I was looking forward to the "Schedule" that comes along with the school year. Obviously I forgot that my schedule looks like this...

Rarely an idol moment around our house... So we were all ready for the restful 5 days we just spent @ my mom and dad's Bear Lake condo. The combination of "Conference Weekend", UEA on Thursday and Friday, and Parent Teacher Conferences on Wednesday meant that we were able to break away. I like everyone else says.... "If I could just have a week to catch up on all my "stuff""... this week was mine! (Although maybe another week would REALLY get me caught up :)) The girls and I came up Wednesday... (Shane joined us Thursday night) and we started crafting... This weekend I (gasp) actually got caught up on ALL 4 of my girls scrapbooks up to this month!! THAT was an accomplishment in itself as I have done over 150 pages in the last 2 months!! Besides the scrapbook stuff I also finished my last set of cards for card exchange (I've decided that after 10 years... I have enough cards... it's getting out of control... so I'm calling this year my last). I also helped the girls with all of their projects... and they helped me "weed" the sheets and sheets of vinyl that I had cut before we got here! My girls are seriously crafty! We made 39 of these darling double sided headbands... they were so cute and easy! Tay did most all of the sewing... and she will be selling them for $5 each at a couple little craft fairs that I will be doing this fall. We found the pattern for them here.

I made this cute little "twirly skirt" for Jady to wear next summer... The tutorial is found here.

Tayler and Saige finished their Christmas presents for their friends... these darling "washer" necklaces and bracelets. Tutorial found here.
We also made a "capri-sun" pencil case for Kenna... In the summer the girls made totes out of empty capri-sun bage too... they turned out great.... we found lots of different tutorials... I think we used this one here.
We also finished some magnets for their magnet boards...
It was a chilly weekend... we didn't go out much... pretty much didn't even get ready for the day 4 days in a row... But Shane did take them over to see Aunt Judy and Uncle Bob's condo and to go on ride in Bob's new fancy fishing boat (fully enclosed) I should have gone... but I stayed back and took a nap during that. Shane chilled on the couch... or on the phone most of the weekend. He thinks we are FAR to crafty... and doesn't have much desire to join in with us! But he is really good at telling us we are all awesome... maybe a little crazy... but awesome still the same!

I think after this great week we are all ready to head into October!! And I think I am ready to head into the third trimester of pregnancy... but ready or not it's here!!